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A Stunning Struggle For Survival And Hope

A Stunning Struggle For Survival And Hope


Nightcrawling is the New York Times bestselling novel by Leila Mottley in which you will feel a woman's struggle to survive and survive to your bones. Leila Mottley has added to the lengthy range of literary metaphors for adolescent angst. At a time when structural inequities between capital, health, gender, and race are becoming more pronounced, young American Leila Mottley's novel is a fiery tribute to the unfettered spirit and exploding inventiveness of such storytelling. Nightcrawling, on the other hand, is an uncommon and engaging reflection on the weak because of its attention to the art and ethics of survival. Nightcrawling has also been reviewed at the White Rain Book House for your convenience.

Nightcrawling, based on a true crime of corporate exploitation, brutality, and corruption in the Oakland police department in 2015, throws light on the life of Kiara Johnson, a sex worker after her father's murder and her mother's confinement in a rehabilitation facility. Kiara and her brother Marcus are roaming around the Regal-Hi apartment complex in East Oakland. Both dropped out of high school, ripped apart by their parents' deaths. After leaving San Quentin, his father, a former Black Panther, died of prostate cancer. "My mother blamed her father's death on the prison," Kiara explains, "which meant she blamed the streets." My mum soon followed.He's in jail after drowning Kiara's younger sister in the same Regal-Hi pool, then attempting and failing to commit suicide. Kiara also has to look for her disillusioned older brother Marcus, who spends his time creating music to pay the escalating rent, and Trevor, a nine-year-old left behind by a neighbor. Kiara's 17-year-old has a lot on her plate: she looks after herself and her crack-addicted neighbor's son, Trevor, whom she's known since birth.What began as a misunderstanding one night while drunk with a stranger escalates into a job Kiara never wanted but now badly needs: a night out. Her world expands further when her name is disclosed in an inquiry that reveals she is one of the key witnesses in a major police department scandal. "The night that creeps up on me when the sun comes up," Kiara muffles. What she can't tell her closest friend is how frequently the cops phone her, then invite her to free sex parties and threaten to throw her brother in jail if she reveals their agreement.She handles the chaos both inside and outside of Kiara with non-judgmental, quiet, and cool elegance. This will be a difficult task, especially as Kiara will be scrutinized by all eyes around her, including family, friends, her clients, police officers, and, finally, a grand jury, demanding her time, body, money, and capacity to forgive.

This contaminated river is a daily reminder for Kiara, the young narrator of "Nightcrawling," of the damage this city has wrecked on her short life and the only place she has ever called home. Both order and chaos are required in fiction. Mottley handles the turbulence both inside and outside of Kiara with nonjudgmental, silent, and cool elegance. Nightcrawling heralds the emergence of a voice unlike any we've heard before, rich with raw beauty, exciting intensity, and piercing vulnerability. White Rain, a wonderful book, awaiting curious readers in the Book House library.

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