About Us

White Rain Book House is an online book shop that is continuously renewing itself in order to present more than 3 million books and a rich range of products to its customers with quality service, understanding, and a 100% customer satisfaction target.

White Rain Book House started its business life in 2017 in by opening a small shop in Houston, Texas. It opened its second shop two years later. Due to the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, it had to focus more on online sales. It achieved success in online sales far above expectations in a short period of time. With the high interest of customers in online book sales, it rebuilt its website within 6 months to present a rich selection of books to its customers. Right now, more than 3 million books are ready for sale and are being continuously updated for customers to purchase.

We keep an important part of the books in our inventory in stock in our warehouse in Houston for delivery in a short period of time. 

White Rain Book House knows and cares about the impact of books on society. With this awareness, it works by taking responsibility and aims to facilitate access to the book. Thanks to our advanced search engine, our customers can find the books they want in seconds according to the author, title or keyword they entered. Those who want to discover more can browse through hundreds of categories to access similar books or other books by authors. Thanks to the easy, simple and user-friendly theme of our site, visitors can easily reach the book and author they are looking for right away, while shopping safely with the latest and best infrastructure of our website.

Continuously Updated For The Best Service

In order to provide the best operational service, White Rain Book House works meticulously and keeps its website up-to-date with its expert team and large staff. By closely following the book market in all categories, it offers the most up-to-date information to its customers by renewing the latest, best-selling and trending book list every day. In addition, it announces important and popular books that will be published in the next 12 months to its customers in the coming soon category.

Instant Feedback For Your Satisfaction

The most important thing for White Rain Book House is the satisfaction of its customers. It aims for 100% customer satisfaction during and after the shopping with its customer satisfaction centered customer service.

Its customer service department responds to the questions of its customers on the same day during business hours or within 24 hours at the latest.

The Best For Your Safety

Your safety, as much as your satisfaction, is also very important for us. Therefore, White Rain Book House uses the newest and safest payment infrastructure in order to safely render your payments and present a quality payment system. 

White Rain Book House wishes you a safe, happy and joyous shopping.