The Martian: A Nerd Aganist All Odds

The Martian “Maybe I’ll post a consumer review. ‘Brought product to surface of Mars. It stopped working. 0/10.”  -Andy Weir, The Martian Does a survival story have to be dark and strained? Andy Weir does not think so, writing a book about a character who can enjoy the surviving process. The Martian, now available...
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America's Greatest Spy Is Back

Rising Tiger: A Thriller volume 21 Anyone who has read one of Brad Thor's novels understands that reading one of his books is like getting a sneak peek at future headlines, and having that insight must be a remarkable skill. Finally, Rising Tiger, her best-selling work, was introduced to readers in White Rain Book...
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The Perfect Marriage

The Perfect Marriage In the work written by Jeneva Rose, the character is as flawed as in real life. This draws you into the story even more. If you like to try to solve the obscurities one after the other, we can say that this book is for you as the White Rain House...
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