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Be Better Than You Are

Be Better Than You Are


Endure: How to Work Hard, Outlast, and Keep Hammering is a book authored by "the best archer in the world" that will be read by people who have lofty life objectives, live to reach them, expect more from themselves, and work hard to attain them. If you wish to develop yourself and test your physical limitations by following Bowhunter and ultramarathoner Cameron Hanes' lifelong ideals and disciplines, the White Rain Book House family has reviewed this work for you.

Cameron Hanes' life was boring at the age of 20. He had poor hopes and no hope for a life with fulfilled potential because he lived in a small town where ambitions were dashed and oscillated between the homes of separated parents. Cam, like many of us, grew up in a shattered home when his parents separated when he was young. The tragedy shattered something inside him, and he spent his adolescence attempting to navigate an unknown road left by his father's absence. He, like most children, desired to communicate with both of his parents. He wasn't looking at the road or thinking about how he could influence the outer world. Everything changed when I discovered bow hunting.Cam has referred to himself as "the average man who has attained remarkable bow fishing success only through hard effort and determination" for over three decades. Hanging discusses lessons learnt and encourages readers to have higher expectations of themselves. Anyone can do it if he can. Cameron motivates us to have the work ethic, perseverance, and tenacity required to push our limits and conquer the barriers that stand in the way of our actual purpose.

Endure, leads us through the risk, struggle, and knowledge that the impossible is not far away, from the merciless mountains to the steep routes to the joy of extreme bow hunting. It transports you to worlds of reading and adventure.Truly exceptional people do not excel because of their superior abilities. They become exceptional because they are obsessed with healing. Greatness comes when you keep hammering every day.Endure,redefines hard work and inspires readers to gain the courage, discipline, and devotion required to maximize every day of life by showcasing the qualities Cameron utilizes to become the ultimate predator. This is not an archery book. It's all about believing in yourself and being the best version of yourself. Cam learned that she was not content with mediocrity in anything. She gave up drinking, terrible eating, and everything else that was bringing her down. An extreme athlete who couldn't tell the difference between the two caught her vision of the bow hunter. Cam learned that he was not content with mediocrity in anything.He got rid of the booze, the terrible eating, and everything else that was bothering him. Before anyone gets too hung up on it, it wasn't simply an egotistical desire for himself, but a goal to inspire other archers to become better versions of themselves.

Endure focuses on the beautiful and beneficial outcomes of decisions, hard effort, and perseverance in a life that extends far beyond bow hunting. If glass can accomplish it, so can we. Everyone has what it takes to overcome adversity in order to rise beyond the norm, be the best we can be, and live life to the fullest. The White Rain Book House offers the inspiration that is missing and needs to be awakened to your house with Endure.

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