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Books for Children Who Want To Have A Good Time During Summer Vacation

Books for Children Who Want To Have A Good Time During Summer Vacation

Books for Children Who Want To Have A Good Time During Summer Vacation

The summer break that our children have been looking forward to all year has begun, with schools closing and a lovely and pleasant summer ahead of them. We want them to have a good time, learn a lot, and dream big. Summer vacation is the ideal time for children to become accustomed to reading books, which is why we have selected the best children's books at White Rain Book House for our children to enjoy throughout their summer vacation.

happy dreamer

Happy Dreamer

Happy Dreamer inspires all children to pursue and dream endlessly. It honors all those moments when the mind and spirit are liberated and free to be our own authentic dreamer maxim, as well as a globally meaningful celebration of what it is to dream and the vivid spectrum of numerous ways to be happy. This inspirational picture book, written in Peter's trademark voice and style, reminds youngsters of the importance of their dreams, and while life has its ups and downs, it will encourage readers to be true to themselves, explore their most creative inner selves, and dream big.

amari ant he night brothers

Amari And The Night Brothers

Amari Peters never gave up hope that her lost sister, Quinton, was still alive. Even when she gets in trouble for defying bullies who say she's gone for good, defying the cops, or defying bullies who say she's gone forever. When she discovers a working briefcase in her locker holding a nomination for a summer trial at the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs, she realizes that the key to locating Quinton is in the hands of the secret organization. Amari had never felt more alone, with a terrible wizard threatening the magical realm and her own classmates suspecting her of being an enemy. However, if he perseveres and passes the trials, he may never learn what happened to him

perfectly pegasus

Perfectly Pegasus

A lonely pegasus is looking for a buddy in this adorable, bright, and entertaining world. Nimbus is the only Pegasus living amid the clouds; the only thing he can communicate with are the stars. Since the stars are unable to respond, he chooses to locate a falling star and put a wish on him, as well as wish on pals. Along the way, he encounters a Unicorn named Kelp and a slew of other creatures who can see beyond what is visible in the sky.



Maybe is an uplifting story for children of all ages, thanks to its wonderful visual narration and everlasting message. Yamada's "Maybe" wonderfully articulates ideals that every adult wishes their children to understand and accept. He assures and encourages readers that identifying someone's gift, place, or manner of influence is not a one-time or easy process. "They must ponder and keep their eyes and hearts open." Kathleen Carroll

 the hobbit

The Hobbit: Or There And Back Again

The Hobbit: Or There and Back Again has more than 60 color paintings and pencil drawings by award-winning artist Alan Lee. Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit who rarely ventures outside of the cellar of the hobbit hole at Bag End and lives a life of ease and ambition. His happiness is disrupted, however, when the wizard Gandalf and a party of thirteen dwarves appear at his door one day to take him on an unexpected "there and again" expedition. Smaug the Great, a massive and ferocious dragon, has devised a scheme to steal his hoard.

the bad seed

The Bad Seed Goes To The Library

The Bad Seed Goes to the Library is an I Can Read Level 1 book, so it's ideal for teaching children how to pronounce words and phrases. The brief sentences, common words, and straightforward concepts in Level One books promote success for children who wish to begin reading on their own, whether shared at home or in the school. The adventures of the bad seed on the library shelves will appeal to children.

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre, orphaned at the age of ten, stays in the house of her aunt, who abuses her. Jane, who lives with her aunt at the behest of her uncle, is bullied by her cousins as well. Mrs. Reed, Jane's aunt, eventually finds a way to send her to boarding school. Jane, who finally became a teacher there, wants to continue her life in a different place since she feels stuck at school, and when she replies to a governess advertisement she provides, she begins working at Mr. Rochester's estate. Jane quickly adjusts to her new surroundings and falls in love with the mysterious ruler of the mansion, but life continues to throw her curve balls.

the one and only bob

The One And Only Bob

The one and only Bob immediately became a New York Times best-seller, cherished by new and old readers of Katherine Applegate's One and Only Ivan. In quest of his long-lost sister, he goes on a perilous journey. With a hurricane looming and time running out, Bob discovers fortitude he didn't know he possessed and discovers the true meaning of friendship and family.

little wonder

Little Wonder

A mother's love letter to her child joins her on her fantastic fantasy adventure. A day filled with stunning thrills, thrilling twists, and surprising companions. Little Wonder can accomplish anything he sets his mind to, thanks to an imagination as strong as the tide and a motherly love as deep as the ocean. Little Miracle, wake up! The entire world is expecting you!

a long walk to water

A Long Walk To Water

A Long Walk to the Water opens with two stories delivered in alternating episodes about two eleven-year-old Sudanese girls, one in 2008 and one in 1985. Nya spends two hours collecting water from a pond. ' walk from her house: she visits the pond twice a day. Salva, the boy, becomes one of Sudan's "lost children," wandering the African continent on foot in search of their relatives and a secure place to remain. With the White Rain Book House, a remarkable story of resilience and optimism, this #1 New York Times best-selling novel meets children and adults

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