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Books on Medieval Historical Fiction

Books on Medieval Historical Fiction

If you are ready for a lot of excitement, where the kingdoms and kings showed power in the Middle Ages, the love lives of the royals, the bourgeoisie, and the bloody battle scenes, White Rain Book House has prepared the best medieval historical fiction books for you.

cloud cuckoo

Cloud Cuckoo Land

Cloud Cuckoo Land is one of the best medieval history books, recounted through character sets in past, present, and future time periods. What binds them all together is an ancient Greek story about Aethon, an old shepherd on the hunt for "a utopian city in the skies." Doerr's team includes an orphaned girl and farmer's son in 14th-century Constantinople, an environmental activist who exploded a bomb in a library in 2020, and a girl on a trip to a faraway planet in the not-too-distant future. We see the passage of an ancient story across time while telling the story of their lives. This is a list of historical fiction novels for folks who enjoy literature and narrative.

Lady of The English

Lady Of The English

From New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Chadwick comes a gripping, never before told best medieval historical fiction book that shines a light on Queen Matilda, one of the most fascinating women in medieval royalty.1135, England: Matilda, daughter of Henry I, is aware that some will refuse to accept her as queen of England when her father dies. The folks who backed his adversary and relative Stephen, on the other hand, had no idea what drives him. Adeliza, Henry's widowed queen and Matilda's stepmother, is now married to a warrior who is fighting to keep Matilda from the throne.But Adeliza realizes that the throne of England will be held by a woman this time. The English Lady is a fascinating story of medieval England written with superb historical authenticity. This vivid and thorough look at medieval history will enthrall fans of Philippa Gregory, Susanna Kearsley, Hilary Mantel, and Diana Gabaldon.

the lady of the rivers

The Lady Of The Rivers

Jacquetta, who is married to the English Viceroy of France, the Duke of Bedford, is introduced to a fascinating world of scholarship and alchemy by him. Richard Woodville, the Duke's squire, is his lone companion in the magnificent house, and he was with him when the Duke died, leaving him a wealthy young widow. They fall in love and secretly marry before returning to England to serve at the court of King Henry VI, where Jacquetta is a close and faithful companion to his new queen. He battles for his female daughter, Elizabeth Woodville: a change of fortune, the English throne, and the white rose of York. The story is detailed, dramatic, and rich in passion and legend, and it is founded on years of research.

the last kingdom

The Last Kingdom

The savage Danes stormed into British land in the middle of the ninth century, hungry for wealth and conquest. Until just one kingdom remained, kingdom after kingdom fell into the hands of merciless invaders. And all of England's fate and the course of history were suddenly in the hands of one man, one monarch. Bernard Cornwell, the best-selling author of historical fiction, provides an enthralling epic adventure of betrayal, duty, dedication, majesty, love, and conflict through the eyes of a young warrior who unites two worlds, courage.

the lost queen

The Lost Queen

Languoreth, the intelligent, passionate, rebellious, and brave protagonist of The Lost Queen, a story of conflicting loves and survival set against the cinematic backdrop of ancient Scotland, a magical land of myths and superstitions inspired by the beauty of the natural world, is an unforgettable protagonist. Languoreth reigned as one of the most powerful early medieval queens in English history, at a period when the expanding forces of Christianity threatened to demolish traditional pagan beliefs and transform their way of life forever.He is thrust into a dangerous and violent world alongside his brother Lailoken. Languoreth meets the gorgeous warrior Maelgwn after a conflict brings hero Emrys Pendragon to their doorstep. Magic strengthens their intense attachment, but Languoreth is promised marriage to Rhydderch, the High King's son, who sympathizes with Christian followers.

the matrix


Eleanor of Aquitaine expels Marie de France from the royal court for being too mean and vulgar for marriage or court life, and she is sent to England as the new nun of a poor convent, her nuns starving and tormented by disease. Marie, surprised by the severity of her new life, finds purpose and love in a shared life with her unique and fluctuating sisters. Marie is continuously replacing her love for family, her nation, and the passions of her childhood with something new in this crucible: loyalty to her sisters and faith in her own supernatural visions. Marie, the latest in a long series of female warriors and crusaders, is determined to forge a daring new path for her people.Will the sheer force of Marie's vision, however, be enough of a bulwark in a world that evolves and erodes in terrifying ways, never coming to terms with its own existence? The Matrix, one of the best historical fiction books, will captivate you with its tale.

the pillars of the earth

The Pillars Of The Earth

What distinguishes The Pillars of the Earth is its 12th century setting as one of the best historical fiction books; the setting is medieval England; and the subject is the construction of a magnificent cathedral. Follett faithfully portrayed the rugged, colorful England of the Middle Ages. Vast woodlands, fortified villages, castles, and monasteries become common sights.In this richly imagined and intricately interwoven backdrop, filled with the ravages of war and the rhythms of everyday life, with the almost eerie art of the untrained stonemasons, the master storyteller irresistibly draws the reader into the intertwined lives, dreams, labors, and loves of his characters. The story revolves around the cathedral's construction. Follett crafts a tale of betrayal, vengeance, and love around the building site, beginning with the public execution of an innocent man and ending with the humiliation of a monarch.

pope joan

Pope Joan

Donna Woolfolk Cross brings the Dark Ages to life in all its cruel beauty in this picture, which is based on the globally bestselling 2009 film of the same name, and presents the dramatic story of a woman who overcomes societal restraints through the strength of her imagination. Joan, a brilliant and clever young woman, is a medieval social worker who prevents women from learning, and she rebels against its limits. When her brother is brutally murdered during a Viking attack, Joan enters the Fulda abbey with her cloak and ID. Joan establishes herself as a famous scholar and healer as Brother John Anglicus.He is eventually drawn to Rome, where he becomes entangled in a perilous web of love, passion, and politics. Despite enormous odds, she rises to the highest position in Christendom, exerting more authority than any woman before or after. However, such power usually comes as a cost.

We have prepared a list of historical fiction novels that carry memories from the Middle Ages for the curious. You will witness the best fictions of history with the White Rain Book House.

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