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For Romance Lovers: These Mangas Wıll Make You Skıp A Heartbeat

For Romance Lovers: These Mangas Wıll Make You Skıp A Heartbeat

For Romance Lovers: These Mangas Wıll Make You Skıp A Heartbeat

Ao Haru Ride

Yoshioka, a teenage girl runs into her childhood crush within the walls of their school corridor. However, Kou seems very different from how Yoshioka recalls him to be. With her past feelings rising to the surface, Yoshioka develops a sudden interest in Kou and tries to make him open up about his sufferings.

Ao Haru Ride might be the best shoujo written.


Two women in their 20’s, both named Nana, decide to share a flat in Tokyo. While they seem so different from one another, their paths cross in a way that challenges both women. Several love stories combined with the grunge atmosphere of Japan? It is one of the best manga in terms of portraying real women and real relationships.

Paradise Kiss

Yukari Hayasaka, whose life is as exciting as a random high schooler’s could be, finds her path crossed with art students. Mesmerized by Yukari’s beauty, they offer her to become their model for their fashion shows. Yukari rejects them, but then, she meets George, a charismatic fashion student who will turn her world upside down.

Maid Sama!

Misaki Ayuzawa has a hard life considering two things: she studies at Seika High, a school that has been a boys' school until recently and she suffers from being a minority as a female student; and because of her father running away, she has to work at a café to pay his debt.
Also, the café she works at is maid themed, so she has to put on a maid costume while working. Unfortunate for Misaki, but not for Takumi Usui, a handsome boy from her school who discovers Misaki’s little maid secret, and starts teasing her over it.


Horimiya is about how one should not judge a book from its cover. It’s the love story of a young girl and a boy, who both feel in need to hide their true selves to fit in. Slowly, they get in touch with their true selves as they explore each other.


What would you do if you’d suddenly receive a letter from your future self, who seeks help to prevent the death of a beloved friend? Naho Takamiya gets an extraordinary letter from the future and decides to do her best to prevent the death of her high school crush, Kakeru.

Snow White with the Red Hair

Shirayuki is a young girl who is also a healer. What’s extraordinary about her is her uncommon red hair, so she quickly grasps the attention of Prince Raji. With the prince wanting her as her concubine, Shirayuki now has no choice but to run away from the prince; escaping to a country nearby.

Skip Beat!

After the betrayal of her childhood friend who is now an acknowledged star, Kyoko seeks revenge, as she finds herself in a love triangle between two famous men.

Dengeki Daisy

Dengeki Daisy is about an orphan girl, who soon discovers that she has a secret guardian named “Daisy”. Daisy works as a school janitor in Teru’s school, as a cover-up for watching over Teru.

Yona of the Dawn

As the heir of her kingdom, Yona witnesses the slaughter of her father at a very young age. Yona of The Dawn is about a princess who is on a runaway, aiming to take her stolen kingdom back. With the help of her friend, General Hak, will she be able to take her revenge?

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