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How Will I Become Wealthy?

by WRBH Editors 08 Apr 2023
How Will I Become Wealthy?

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Approaches that dispel the notion that you need a big salary to be rich continue to be successful in the long run, especially in a world where technology, robotics, and a global economy are rewriting the rules. Why, for business owners and investors, acquiring and producing active assets can be more significant than a large income. Father of Wealth Poor Dad, the financial encyclopedia that will teach you the tax advantages it continues, greets you with White Rain Book House privileges.

Robert Kiyosaki has challenged and transformed the way millions of people around the world think about money. The Rich Dad Poor Dad series by Robert T. Kiyosaki has sold over 27 million books worldwide and has been translated into over 51 languages. Author Kiyosaki is also the creator of a personal financial education company. Kiyosaki got a significant reputation for his candid speech and daring, despite his position that contradicts the prevalent notion on the necessity of studying financial information with the changing and refreshed global economy.He is widely regarded as a fervent promoter of financial education. Rich Dad Poor Dad tells Robert's experience of growing up with two fathers, his biological father and his best friend's wealthy father, and how both men influenced his views on money and investing. "How can you get wealthy?" "Should you start your own business or work for someone else?" "What can you learn about money in your education?" It answers questions like: Rich Dad Poor Dad is a 400-page book for those who have learnt to work for money but believe they can't make money work for them in order to obtain financial independence, save, or invest. His readers benefit from his clear presentation of financial information.The book dispels the notion that you need a high income to be wealthy and illustrates the distinction between working for money and making money work for you. It violates the notion that your property is an active investment, as millions of individuals discovered firsthand when the real estate bubble burst and the subprime mortgage catastrophe erupted. It illustrates why we shouldn't trust what schools teach about money and why this crucial skill is more important than ever. It discusses what you should teach your children about money so that they can do the same. They can prepare themselves early for today's challenges and possibilities and live the full lives they deserve.

People suffer financially mostly because they spend years in school learning nothing about money. As a result, these individuals learn to work for money while never learning to make money work for them. Rich Dad Poor Dad will be the beginning point for individuals wishing to take control of their financial destinies, and this 20th anniversary edition includes the White Rain Book House to help you as you read, re-read, discuss, and review this book with friends or family.

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