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It's Not Summer Without You - Jenny Han

by WRBH Editors 17 Apr 2023
It's Not Summer Without You- Jenny Han

It's Not Summer Without You

Jenny Han inspires women with her story of melancholy and inspiration in this second installment of the trilogy that began with Jenny Han's The Summer I Turned Pretty. We have added this novel to our White Rain House Book archive, which reaffirms your links to life, while experiencing the indecision, regrets, and joys of 6-year-old Belly Conklin. Even though you risk losing everything else while fighting hard, the drive to hold on is a specific reminder of the love you've lost.

After Belly's last perfect summer at Cousins Beach, the story continues. This is a year in which everything will be different. The work, which is available from White Rain House Book, has broken individuals, damaged relationships, and a heartbreakingly impressive love triangle.

Belly Conklin, 16, is dissatisfied. She won't be at the beach with her mother's best friends, Susannah, Jeremiah, and Conrad, as she has in previous years. We see how Belly copes with Susannah's death and the mourning process. Belly struggles to accept the loss's inevitability. Belly doesn't know who she is without her summers at Cousins Beach.

She's at a loss for what to do about Conrad's apathy or the growing distance between them since last summer. Conrad, on the other hand, despite his feelings, is unable to communicate or join his family.

While the first book in the series is a sweet beach read, this book's dramatic intensity provides a more in-depth look at the characters. And you can see how everyone has grown and changed. The script was fantastic! It will help you to read about how they dealt with the death of a loved one and how their relationships changed. With the addition of Jeremiah's episodes and the story shifting away from Cousins, all of the characters are further developed. As the three try to reconcile with the disappearance of the summer cocoon that once bound them together, the tension between Belly and both Fisher children becomes palpable.

It's Not Summer Without You is a depressing installment, but it strengthens the series by adding another layer of depth to the story. Han inverts the familiar elements of The Summer I Turned Pretty to create an entirely new reading experience.

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