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One of the most basic ideals that everyone aspires to fulfill in their lives is to live a decent life. Let us look at what the author promises his readers and whether the mastery indicated at the end of the subtle ar of not giving a f*ck ensures a happy existence via White Rain Book House.According to Manson, "not giving a damn" does not imply "indifferent"; rather, "indifferent" denotes "not bothering the person." Because he understands that there is no such thing as not worrying in life, and that we are biologically wired to care about certain things.This book will help you think more clearly about what you choose to deem significant and unimportant in your life, as well as establish a practical way of enlightenment to assist you acquire this talent. It is emphasized that the only way to transcend suffering is to learn to accept and bear the unpleasant occurrences that life throws at us, such as regrets, failures, losses, and deaths, which we often interpret as bad luck. 
The end of the subtle ar of not giving a f*ck  promises to transform your pain into a tool, your trauma into strength, and your problems into slightly less difficult ones. "Consider my book as a guide to suffering and how to make it better, more meaningful, more compassionate, more humble," Manson says again, summarizing the success narrative that sets it apart from his other books and helped it become a bestseller.
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