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Sci-fi,Suspense, and Futurism Collide



Life would be much easier and the world would be a much more bearable place if superheroes appeared not only in the action realm but also in our everyday lives. In this gripping and evocative examination of what humanity truly is and how it has failed us, Blake Crouch pulls no punches. You'll read a highly engaging and emotionally evocative thriller that will stay with you long after the last page is turned. At White Rain Book House, we evaluated this thrilling science fiction and thriller story set in the near future for you.

Logan Ramsay wasn't sure what was strange about him at first. He only felt a little, but he had time to come to a more certain conclusion. Her abilities included the ability to concentrate, multitask, memorize well, and require less sleep. But soon after, indisputable events occurred: Something was happening to her brain and body. He was starting to see the world and those around him, including those he loved the most, in whole new ways.

Logan's genome was tampered with. And there's a reason he's been chosen for this upgrading.A cause that stretches back decades, to the lowest time of his life, and a dreadful family legacy. Worse, what happened to him was only the first phase in a far broader scheme, one that would bring the same alterations to humanity as a whole, at a horrific cost. He is the only person in the world who, due to his skills, can halt what has begun. But, in order to win this conflict, he must become someone other than himself, and he may lose himself in the process. Perhaps even the prospect of not being human is horrifying.Even while he battles, he can't help but wonder: Is Logan humanity's only hope? Or is engineering our own development really leading to a lovely future?

Logan is the son of Miriam Ramsay, a talented geneticist who pioneered and patented a cutting-edge biological DNA changer system that the government considered very illegal.Miriam Ramsay was nearly universally reviled and shunned after one of her gene-editing experiments resulted in a global famine and the worst accidental mass death in human history. Logan, a college student at the time, was working for his mother during the experiment, therefore he was imprisoned. Logan was pardoned after serving time in prison and later went to serve as a special agent with the Gene Protection Body, a government law enforcement agency (GPA).

The GPA enforces federal laws against gene editing and pursues rogue scientists who continue to conduct gene editing research in secret labs and smuggle high-quality genetic material.Logan is critically hurt by an IED planted in the field during a raid on what is believed to be a dark laboratory. As she recovers, she finds biological alterations that lead her to believe the bomb has a DNA modifier. Logan tries to research the changes in himself on his own, but his agency finds what's going on and imprisons him on a black site while they examine him to see if he constitutes a threat. Logan's sister, Kara, is later introduced by Couch when she abducts him from GPA prison. They realize that they had both recently undergone genetic editing, making them into "superhumans."

Upgrade will be a fast-paced, cleverly structured drama that pushes us to ponder the thrilling metamorphosis of one individual, the limits of our humanity, and our boundless potential. Both are unintentionally enhanced by genetically created modifications and set against one other in a perilous war to save humanity. Logan and Kara Ramsay, a brother and sister, are essential to the plot. Crouch, particularly in Logan, creates a flawed and fascinating figure with whom the reader readily struggles. We welcome you to the White Rain Book House bestsellers so that you can read the entire story in Upgrade.

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