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Sea of Tranquility: Tracing Footprints in a Four-Dimensional Universe

Sea of Tranquility: Tracing Footprints in a Four-Dimensional Universe

Sea of Tranquility

Our minds often enable us to have sensations over things from another time. Sometimes we might swear that we could still smell the salty weather whenever we think of that summer night at the beach decades ago, while a scream we have heard before might be ringing in our ears constantly. Whenever that happens, people might find themselves questioning whether sensations or feelings travel through time and space. White Rain Book house presents Sea of Tranquility, a spectacular book for the readers who believe that sensations can actually do so.

Emily St. John Mandel, the author of The Glass Hotel and Station Eleven, returns with Sea of Tranquility, a book in which feelings wander around without the interruption from the borders of time and space. The book creates a unique connection between three storylines, with each of them taking place in different periods.

In 1912, Edwin St. Andrew, who is suffering from loneliness as an outcome of his rebellion, is exiled from England to Canada; where he runs into an odd man named Gaspary-Jacques Roberts and hears the echoes of a violin in a forest. Centuries later, Olive Llewellyn, a famous writer is on a book tour on Earth, far from what she calls home: the second moon colony. In her latest novel, there is a passage about the voice of a violin coming from a forest.

Sea of Tranquility, currently available at White Rain Book House, is simply not another book about time travel. It is based on the idea that some things about humanity are not meant to be withheld by the borders or dimensions of the material world. Emily St. John Mandel offers the reader an outer perspective on how an echoing violin can sound the same to different people coming from a range of historical periods. The author fascinates the reader by showing how relatable the problems people suffer from are, even though they might be very apart from each other, both in terms of space and time. Who knows? Maybe there might be some aspects of humanity travelling through dimensions, regardless of the material borders of the universe.

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