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Summer Books Under $30

Summer Books Under $30

Summer Books Under $30

We are at the end of spring and the beginning of summer when the sun slowly instills excitement in everyone. Vacation plans may have already been made. There's only one thing left to do before the suitcases close: Book selection! Books that will accompany you on the beach accompanied by the sea and the sun or in the calm coolness of the evening are very important. It will take you on a journey within the journey, while you will relieve the tiredness that lasted throughout the year, it will create a slight smile on your face or make you think for a long time, and even a little "I wonder what will happen now?" We have compiled the books that will make you say. We say do not close the suitcases without examining the list. Happy holidays to all our readers!

Eat for Energy: How to Beat Fatigue, Supercharge Your Mitochondria, and Unlock All-Day Energy

Our constantly unhappy and low-energy state, such as chronic fatigue and burnout caused by city life and intense working conditions, affects everything we value. The book, which explores the real causes of our fatigue, says that the causes are not in the concepts of caffeine intake or adrenal fatigue, contrary to what we think. The replenishment and regeneration of our energy lie most fundamentally in our cells, particularly in our mitochondrial deficiency, and the solution can be found in simple, straightforward nutritional strategies that address our body's biology. Ari Whitten, the creator of The Energy Blueprint program, introduces you to the needs of our cellular energy centers and clear nutritional methodologies you can use. 

Misrule: Book Two of the Malice Duology

Those who love dark tales come here. We all know the tale of Princess Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty, but we can say that this book is a reinterpretation of the tale. Will true love finally win in this version of Sleeping Beauty as she seeks her true love to end the curse and save her life? Sleeping Beauty's dark magician takes back Malice's story as the main character, not the side character, in this Book 2 of the series. Fantasy, romance, intrigue, and a richly constructed world await. 

The Summer Place

The novel examines the relations of a family within the framework of the wedding preparation and the events that followed. She is shocked by the engagement of Sarah's stepdaughter, Ruby, and their decision to marry in 3 months. While preparing for the beach wedding, we witness each character's confrontation with their past and pain. In general, as you read the book, you may feel that there are too many family secrets, too much drama, and too much to learn and discover on the way. Get ready to discover the power of home, family ties, and the love letter that love wrote to us with its endless ink with extremely realistic and deep characters. 

Land of Women

Sánchez intertwines the family stories of three generations with reflections on science and literature. In particular, she focuses on the often rejected and belittled generations of women who have given up education and independence to work on the land and tend to family. She tells the stories of the women of her world who are the silent workers of an ultra-patriarchal campaign, thus making these women visible. She underlines the pressing need to expand the feminist discourse to affect not only urban women but also rural women. 

The Miracle of Man: The Fine-Tuning of Nature for Human Existence

It brings a new perspective to the Kosmos. If the properties of light, sun, water, oxygen, and carbon were not exactly as they are, we would not exist as we know them. Our atmosphere, or the location and composition of our planet, the chemistry of life, seems designed for us! If this hypothesis sounds ridiculous or trivial, read this book - the weight of the evidence may change your mind. 

Solved in 7: The Power of Disciplined Problem-Solving

Jim Sholler, aka "The Fixer," offers a simple framework to replace these mistakes to quickly resolve any problem, from professional difficulties to personal crises. Sholler is the founder of Solved In 7, a company that provides problem-solving services for any obstacle, no matter how challenging and complex it may seem. Before founding Solved In 7, Jim worked for Fidelity Investments for twenty-seven years in multiple disciplines including computer operations, software delivery, service management, and of course the help desk. 

The Stardust Thief

Inspired by the Arabian Nights, The Stardust Thief weaves the gripping tale of a legendary smuggler, a cowardly prince, and a dangerous adventure in the desert to find a legendary, magical lamp. Set in a magical atmosphere, in this first book of the trilogy, in a world where the story is reality and illusion is real, Loulie will discover that not everything is as it seems—her enemy, her magic, even her past—and she must decide who she will be in this new reality. You will read in one breath the adventure of Loulie, who has no choice but to obey or be executed. 

Every summer after

Told over six years and one weekend, After Every Summer offers a sweeping nostalgic look at love, the people who affect us forever, and the impact of the choices we make. The story begins in the present and then follows us through the six years Sam and Percy were together as best friends. a year and beyond. We go back and forth from the present to six years ago as we watch their relationship develop, until they fall apart, leaving Percy torn and unable to form a meaningful relationship with anyone else. The book is about friendship, romance, and family and never giving up, with real characters that touch your heart. 

From Bad to Cursed

Lana Harper's last and second book in this highly compelling romantic comedy series meets fantasy book lovers in the final and second book of the series. This presents a second episode filled with lots of family drama and identity crises. 

How to Be a Boss B*tch

It's a book that feels like I'm sitting down for a happy hour with a glass of wine with your best girlfriend because of its candid style. Quinn details her journey from her high school years to self-made millionaire, reality TV star, and fashion and beauty entrepreneur, inspiring her readers to define their own Boss Bitch style and showcase their own success. 

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