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The Last Unwritten Love Story

The Last Unwritten Love Story

Love and Other Words

We know that there are no rules of love, it doesn't stop when you say stop, it doesn't end when you say it's over, and it has nothing to do with logic. Now forget all the love stories you've witnessed; They will be reunited by chance in New York Times bestselling author Christina Lauren's poignant, romantic novel Love and Other Words.Elliot and Macy make a fresh start, but it becomes impossible for them to continue on a new path without figuring out why everything went wrong. The White Rain Book House bestsellers await readers in this book that will literally make you question everything you read and want to learn more about it.

Macy Sorensen establishes a forceful routine, although at a period of emotional calm and neutrality: Working as a new pediatric resident and arranging her wedding to an older, financially stable man, she is far from putting her head down and listening to her emotions. But when he meets his first and only love, Elliot Petropoulos, his carefully constructed bubble begins to disintegrate. Once upon a time, Elliot was Macy's entire world changed from friend to the man who pushed her to open her heart again after she lost her mother.Elliot is a tough guy to study since it is impossible to understand exactly what he thinks and means in his speeches. He is head over heels in love with Macy, as he has been since childhood.

But, according to Macy, she did something that irrevocably impacted her life and was exceedingly difficult for her to forgive. Elliot knows it upset him, but he doesn't understand why she went without telling him why, or why he left his father's lake house as if nothing had occurred.The lake house was everything, and it was what drew them together. Not long after his mother died, Macy's father purchased the house as a location for them to get away from the city and for Macy to rest and find themselves. Elliot basically came with the house, with a large family that didn't understand his love of books, and he used what had become Macy's room as a reading spot. The previous owners didn't object, and it was fine that he and Macy met for the first time. They fit like two puzzle pieces that have finally found their home. You can absolutely see how, over time, childhood friendships grow stronger without them even recognizing it.They only see one other on weekends, if at all, and on school holidays, but their bond is apparent. The story is portrayed from Macy's perspective, beginning with her childhood and ending with their reunification. We're just seeing and feeling what Macy sees and feels, but she's clearly in love with him from the start. She belongs to him, and he belongs to her. So much so that the instant they meet each other again, he is certain of his emotions for Macy.

Macy, on the other hand, is hesitant to accept him back into her life and is nervous. She is finally at a good spot in her life: she is engaged to a man with whom she believes she has a wonderful connection, she has a decent career, and everything is OK.

Through emotional connections, Elliot, we will find the truth behind Macy's 10 years of quiet. He will realize the truth and will need to transcend the past and himself in order to restore Macy's faith in the possibility of a future. They were strangers to one other as adults until they were reunited by happenstance. Although the sorrow of what happened that night years ago has obscured the memories, real love knows no distance or time and can erupt at any time. Love and Other Words will truly enthrall you, and you will be unable to control your emotions in the midst of a storm of love. Christina Lauren's best-selling romance-warming novel is available through the White Rain Book House.

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