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The Set of Selected Learning Books for 2-3 Years Old Small Readers is Available on WRBH

The Set of Selected Learning Books for 2-3 Years Old Small Readers is Available on WRBH

At White Rain Book House, we have created a very unique series for our tiny friends who have been learning about our world since the day they were born. If you have 2-3 year old children in your home, don't miss out on great educational stuff that they will like classic book for 2 years old.

Dear Zoo

Since its initial publication in 1982, Rod Campbell's iconic flap lift book Dear Zoo has been a solid favorite with both children and parents. Young readers like flapping their wings to find the animals sent by the zoo (monkey, lion, and even elephant). ! Will they ever discover the ideal pet? The Dear Zoo is a must-have for every child's library, with vibrant, bold artwork, a catchy chorus, and a plethora of familiar animals.

Numbers, Shapes, and Colors

With this vivid cardboard book, your child will quickly learn their first numbers, shapes, and colors in a fun and easy way. There are 100 brightly colored pictures to look at and 100 simple first words to learn. The pages are sturdy cardboard for hours of reading enjoyment, and the cover is delicately padded for young hands to hold. All hues are intriguing and enjoyable!


There comes a time in a toddler's life when the diaper is no longer the sole choice, and the question must be asked: Should I go potty? Leslie Patricelli follows everyone's beloved Baby's inner chat (certainly little ones will get yelling responses) and humorous actions with excellent humor and pace, finishing with an exaggerated face of surprise and happiness that will surprise both parents. The puppies, of course, laugh out loud. "I did!"

First 100 Words for Kids

Beloved child educator Roger Priddy's classic First 100 Words is now a padded board book offering 100 vital first words and pictures. With this brilliant board book, your young one will rapidly learn some essential first words and pictures. There are 100 color photos to view and discuss, as well as 100 basic first words to read and learn. The pages are composed of sturdy boards for hours of reading enjoyment, and the cover is delicately padded for young hands to hold.

The Going to Bed Book

This classic bedtime story is just right to end the day as a fun, silly group of animals sleep in the tub scrubbing, brushing and brushing their teeth and brushing, and finally, shake, shake, shake.Your little child learns all his responsibilities before bedtime with the White Rain Book House.The sun didn't set long ago.Now everybody's going down.

Taking a bath in a huge tub with soap all over - DO NOT SCRATCH!

Yummy Yucky

Learning opposites has never been more enjoyable and enjoyable than with this award-winning board book. Tasty! Spaghetti is tasty, but it's a rare treat to taste worms, blue crayons, sand, and other unpleasant things. Leslie Patricelli's brightly drawn board book Yummy Yucky depicts a benign, bald, very expressive youngster who brings each antagonistic couple to life with comedic dramatic impact.

Open the Barn Door

The hit lift-the-flap board book is all about your favorite farm animals from the creators of open the garage door! Spend a day on the farm and discover the sights and sounds of the animals! This board book is a pleasant introduction to farm life, with 10 lift-the-flaps and a range of barnyard animals like horses, chickens, cows, and pigs.

Who Lives in the Wild

They will see the creatures in their natural habitats in the large board book, which is great for newborns and toddlers and has sold over 3 million copies. The book, with its appealing large format that brings images to life, aids in the teaching of new creatures and the development of imagination. It also aids in the development of the child's vocabulary.

Hi, Baby! Let's Chat!

When a loving parent says, "Hi, Baby! Let's converse!" a beautiful, almost magical love affair begins. Even better, when read aloud, Hello, Baby! Let's talk! You'll fall in love with your kid over and over again if you use your own baby's name. It'll be a book that all parents who wish to create a special link with their baby will enjoy.

MR Super Poopy Pants

Could Toby fall in love with his new baby brother because of his superior pooping abilities? Toby has been looking forward to his new baby brother's adventures, but Benjy can't run around, build devices, or fight crime. He's only pooping. Always. Can Toby come to love his younger sibling in the same way? A lovely new picture book from award-winning author and illustrator Rebecca Elliott that introduces the concept of a new baby in the family to older siblings in a pleasant yet humorous manner.

2 year old preschool learning books contain all the motivations a child needs in the preschool period. As White Rain Book House, we care about educational activity books for 2 year olds as much as parents and share the most useful series for you. We wish our little friends a successful and fun life where they learn while having fun.

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