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19th Century Romence Books or Historical Romance Books

19th Century Romence Books or Historical Romance Books

19th Century Romance Books or Historical Romance Books

Pride and Prejudice, by far the most popular love story of all time, is the first romantic history book that comes to mind. If you haven't, start by reading the most ambitious work in this genre. Romance is an enduring favorite for readers everywhere, and it's not hard to see why. A good love story has drama, intrigue, laughter, and, if you're lucky, some warmth. The best romance novels can feel just like falling in love – intimate and personal, yet simultaneously huge and life-changing. This book list highlights the appeal of historical romance novels and offers recommendations for the best books worth reading.

what the ermine saw

What the Ermine Saw

Collinsworth tells a fascinating story from beginning to end about a single painting. It begins in Milan "about 530 years ago" with Ludovico, a powerful and wealthy duke who commissioned a portrait of his young lover, "probably Cecilia Gallerani." Collinsworth chronicles the colorful, often violent times when the work was created, in chronological order and down to the tiniest detail. It reveals to readers some fascinating biographical elements about Da Vinci. The book promises to witness the ups and downs of European history.

a lady for duke

 A Lady for a Duke

A gripping, surprising historical romance perfect for Bridgerton fans is now available on Netflix!In many ways, A Lady for a Duke feels like a combination of friends and second-chance romances for lovers. Being in dual perspective allows us to see just how contradictory Viola is, while also allowing us to see that Gracewood is in love. Viola and the Duke of Gracewood live their lives apart and are reunited after the war. But when the two are reunited, it's a book that makes the characters question who they are again compared to who they are and could be.

 the maidens

The Maidens

The story is woven around Mariana, a layered and heroic woman with a leading spirit in a breathtaking crime novel. Academia, the Greek Islands, the classics, complex psychology, and an unpredictable mystery await. The characters and the world are here for endless, fun storytelling. When a friend of Mariana's niece Zoe is found dead in Cambridge, we begin to track down the secret society "The Maidens." The Gothic elements, the hierarchy of students, professors, and staff, and the Cambridge University setting are perfectly captured in the book. Greek mythological elements too. The author, who blends it, reads the book with curiosity.

how to steals scoundrels heart

How a Steal a Scoundrel’s Heart

Prue Thoroughgood, a weary woman ostracized by her family, wants to reclaim a few heirlooms she thinks belong to her. His dreadful stepmother controls his property and gambles away most of it. So, Prue resorts to theft and tries to get her treasures back. Pure goes to Savage's door to ask for help, and in return, she agrees to be his mistress for four months. You can read the development of these two different characters in lines full of love, fun, and intrigue.

desperately seeking a duchess

Desperately Seeking a Duchess

What happens when a poor duke with a reputation for being a rogue collides with a powerful heir who wants to explore the world? An unexpected story of friendship and passion awaits the reader in this 2nd book of the series. A captivating, soul-healing romantic love story that shows that romance isn't just about dukes and duchesses, and that love isn't just for the upper classes.

a daring pursuit

A daring pursuit

There's a fine line between love and hate in Kate Bateman's A Daring Pursuit. With remaining single the only way to keep her family secret, Carys Davies does everything in her power to avoid marriage. He creates quite a bit of scandal with his brazen demeanor to deter potential suitors. However, there is only one man who makes her heart flutter: Tristan Montgomery, one of her family's biggest rivals. We recommend historical romance novels for our readers who like unconventional heroines and books with high sexual tension.

 inadequate heir

The Inadequate Heir

A soldier raised to be an heir to an empire, Zarrah is tested by two truths: first, the Veliant family killed her mother, and second, she has to seek revenge. When Zarrah takes command of the contentious city of Nerastis, she is ready to do whatever it takes to destroy the Maridrinian forces that oppose her. When Zarrah gets her chance at peace, she must decide whether to stop this endless war or to ignite the fire of war.

an affair at stonecliffe

An Affair at Stonecliffe

Noelle is forced to flee with her baby when her husband dies, leaving her impoverished and her ostracized aristocratic family threatens to take their child. Noelle slowly begins to trust Carlisle Thorne, a close friend of the family and her son's guardian, and they fall in love despite the gap in their social standing. Candace Camp's pen tells the story of a war of wits between two unforgettable characters bound together by fate and an epic rivalry spanning five years.

A Cinderella for the Prince's Revenge

Emmy Grayson's romance, inspired by this Cinderella tale, is out of the question: drama, revenge, and an unforgettable royal proposal! Briony Smith's date with her client Cass was one of the pleasant moments in her very ordinary life. She was speechless when Cass revealed to her that she was a prince and a long-lost princess! Is this surprising and exciting book a fairy tale or an unhappy ending?


The War of Two Queens

The book debuted as the fourth book in the Blood and Ash series by New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout. The sheer magnitude of what the Blood Queen has done in this book of the series is jaw-dropping. Poppy's goal is to build a future where both kingdoms can live in peace, but war is just the beginning. To finish what the Blood Queen started, Poppy may have to become what she fears most, as prophesied. Your heart will be filled with adrenaline.

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