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Most Anticipated Mangas

Most Anticipated Mangas

Most Anticipated Mangas

Manga is a broad term that refers to a wide range of comics and graphic novels created and published in Japan. On White Rain Book House, you'll find the most recent and popular manga. Unlike American comic books, which are nearly often produced in color, Japanese manga is virtually generally printed in black and white. Full-color versions are usually reserved for limited-edition publications. The majority of manga series are long-running and have numerous volumes. This is important to remember before starting a new series because reading the volumes in the correct order is crucial. The highly anticipated and riveting manga series sequels were gathered for you.

black butler

Black Butler, Vol. 31

Once again in the series, we see the focal point as the Phantomhive maids, finishing Mey-Rin and Ran-Mao's quest and heading to the next couple of Baldroy and Lau in the Sanatorium Right here, a pleasant surprise awaits readers.

cheeky brat

Cheeky Brat, Vol. 3

Naruse insists on giving Yuki her phone number, who eventually buys a smartphone. Yuki says she doesn't need it, but Yuki realizes the value of knowing Naruse's number for many girls. Volume 3 is full of youth, jealousy, and secret flirtations!

play it cool guys

Play It Cool, Guys, Vol. 3

They are handsome guys who are cool but a little hard to approach. However, they are...all incompetent!!! The team of idiots embarks on new adventures.


seaside stranger

Seaside Stranger Vol. 3: Harukaze No. Etranger

Since his family rejected him for being gay, Shun has lived with his aunt on a small island near Okinawa. After Shun returns to his hometown and moves into his family's old shop, Shun and Mio witness the start of a new life, albeit an unusual one. Meanwhile, Shun's younger brother Fumi catches these two lovers in action!

summertime rendering

Summertime Rendering Volume 1 (Paperback)

A young man named Shinpei, the manga hero who was recalled to his hometown, is on the island, but sinister events await him on the island. Shinpei is forced back to his hometown and due to the news of the death of his childhood friend Ushio, he returns to the remote island of Hitogashima to attend his funeral. Little does he know that it is the beginning of a summer full of mystery and fear! Are you ready for adventures that challenge life and death and manage time?

summertime rendering 2

Summertime Rendering Volume 2 (Hard Cover)

After the tragedy at the Summer Festival in the first series, Shinpei's adventure continues in Book 2. Shinpei's priority is to locate Ryunosuke Nagumo, but who is this mysterious woman who could be the key to defeating the shadows?

cardcaptor sakura 11

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card 11

The eleventh volume of Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card was published by Kodansha Comics in Japan on October 13th, 2021. In the middle of art class, Sakura's words unexpectedly cause a giant flower to bloom from Akiho. Can Momo reveal her true identity and pay the price?


Mieruko-Chan, Vol. 5

"Miko" is a high school girl who yells at things ordinary people can't see. Mitsue, a psychic returning to the city, helps Miko with a stalemate at the "Sankai" temple and tries to keep her out of the case. You will read this manga book series in horror-comedy style with excitement.

Fari-Chan Wants to Hang Out! Vol. 7

It is a manga series with a dose of comedy about an introverted and quiet college student and his charming classmate. Sakurai Shinichi's only expectation from life is some peace. However, the lower grader Uyana Hana has other plans.

the abandoned empress

The Abandoned Empress, Vol. 2 (Comic)

Aristia took up the swordsmanship on her way to change her destiny. He desires to be a great knight like his father, but will he succeed? With time running out and all the cards stacked against her, will Aristia be successful in her relentless struggle to escape her destiny?

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