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A Rich Prince Falls in Love and Dazzles

A Rich Prince Falls in Love and Dazzles

The Fine Print

Fine Print by Lauren Asher greets the reader in the White Rain Book House bestseller category with an intriguing and sparkling novel. Zahra has spent her entire childhood in Dreamland, the Kane family's theme park. So when he critiques one of his most expensive excursions while drunk, he's worried he'll be fired. Instead, Rowan Kane, his new boss, hires him to do better! Rowan and Zahra's happy ending and ability to keep their secret are already in doubt.

Rowan is committed to rebuilding Dreamland, a family theme park. When he obtains his inheritance, he grants his grandfather's final wish. But then she meets the stunning and gifted Zahra, and Zahra reawakens in her a long-dormant side. So, to put it mildly, life is complex, what with messaging under a moniker, scorching kisses, and chemistry that will reduce them both to ash. Then there's the prospect of an enemy who is trying to destroy her and her siblings' legacy. Rowan is a grumpy person, and she is a sexy, faint whiner.That's why she stands out for her past demons, clumsiness, soft-hearted ice face, fierce protectiveness of Zahra, heartbreaking longing for her, and then her lovely actions to care for her.

A grumpy billionaire who also owns a theme park, a grumpy employer who looks after Zahra (his employee), orders food and eats on the floor with her, and drives her to New York in his private plane to meet her. Zahra works as a stylist at Dreamland Park in Florida, transforming youngsters into characters from their favorite movies, but her true passion is make- up. She likes what she does but wishes she could do more, and an opportunity presents itself when Rowan opens an application for a new creator to join the team to assist her with her project. Zahra doesn't give it much thought, but her buddy Clair persuades her to submit her application.Zehra does this after drinking and while discussing some incorrect aspects of the present trip. He now believes he has accomplished his goal and attempts to avoid Rowan at all costs as he rushes out of the shadows around him. Rowan grew up with parents who were madly in love, and she claims she damaged her father after her mother died, so to say she was cynical would be an understatement. Rowan wants nothing to do with the sunshine Zahra emanates but can't help but be lured into her warmth after years of isolating herself, focusing on her work, and being humiliated by her father.He believes he has pre-existing reasons for being so good and wishes to learn his secrets. When their friendship progresses, it's difficult to deny the progression of their causal relationship while constructing something that's more of a physical attraction, especially as Rowan begins to see Zahra more with her family and outside of work. Their past, however, continues to influence their present life, making it difficult for both of them to move ahead.

This novel will immediately captivate you, so it arrives at your home with Fine Print, White Rain Book House, which continues to bring hope for girls who dream of meeting a prince but instead fall in love with a misunderstood scoundrel. Everyone who seeks true love and is willing to submit will find it. We are certain.

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