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A White House Regular Talks About His Experiences

A White House Regular Talks About His Experiences

Breaking History: A White House Memoir

Jared Kushner was one of the most influential presidents in contemporary history. In "Breaking History," he reveals what transpired behind closed doors during Trump's administration for the first time. The former president's son-in-law penned a self-serving and selective biography on his tenure in the White House. The memoir focuses on Kushner's time with Trump, beginning with the end of his presidential campaign and continuing for the next four years. We evaluated the most honest, nuanced, and conclusive insight into an American presidency that will be studied for centuries at the White Rain Book House.

Kushner's memoir begins with his experience with his father's incarceration. Charles Kushner admitted to witness tampering, tax evasion, and making false statements to the Federal Election Commission in 2004. He received a two-year prison sentence. Chris Christie, who would later become New Jersey's governor, was a US attorney at the time. He hopes to provide readers with an insider's perspective on what it's like to be a senior White House adviser with unusual access to the president. Of course, Kushner conveniently ignores the fact that his exceptional access is mostly the result of his marriage to the president's daughter.While describing the several responsibilities he preserved for the country and then abandoned, he pretends to be fluent in Beltway jargon, referring to a particular bureaucrat's jurisdiction as a dossier.

Everyone wants to keep sending him more papers in Kushner's story because, like his father-in-law, he's the only one who can come in and repair a problem. Breaking History transports readers to Oval Office debates, bilateral talks at the United Nations, tense encounters in Arab palaces, high-risk negotiations, and dams of daily leaks, baseless allegations, investigations, and internal West Wing battles. This is not your usual political biography; it is a true historical thriller. Kushner describes Washington's staunch opposition to change and how it overcame previous impasses.Kushner was an outsider among strangers, a results-oriented CEO among ring road power brokers. It has challenged old notions and produced extraordinary outcomes in trade, criminal justice reform, COVID-19 vaccine production, and Middle East peace. His successful negotiation of the Abraham Accords, the greatest significant diplomatic accomplishment in the last 50 years, garnered him a Nobel Peace Prize candidacy. Few White House advisers have had such a wide-ranging portfolio or such consistent access to the president. Jared Kushner, Trump's senior adviser, has slipped quietly behind the scenes from his office adjacent to Trump's, preferring to leave the district warfare and televised debates to others.

By the end of the book, the reader will have a firm grasp on who Kushner is, how he sounds, how he perceives his interactions with others, and how he perceives his ideals. Breaking History, written by one of the few people who stood next to Trump until his final departure from Andrews Air Force Base via the golden escalator, will allow you to reach the developments behind the scenes of the lived political processes and will reach you to your homes via the White Rain Book House.

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