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An Unpredictable Crime Story by John Grisham

An Unpredictable Crime Story by John Grisham

The Judge's List

While John Grisham's work is greater these days when he sticks to legal thrillers, Grisham has a strong desire to extend his horizons. However, he is continually attempting to bring the "legal tension" elements with him. One of his most obvious attempts was The Whistler, a novel about government-employed lawyers that delves into court malpractice. As he kicks and shouts, he drags Grisham's "legal thriller" label with him, allowing him to join the world of detective/police thriller.For a second thriller, Judge List returns to Lacy Stoltz and the Florida Board of Judicial Conduct. Aside from that, they're looking into a judge accused of being a serial killer. For valued thriller aficionados, White Rain Book House has reviewed a new legal thriller from the New York Times #1 bestselling book about a guy who may be the most criminal judge in American history.

The Judge’s List is John Grisham's most shocking and terrifying book to date. The only thing about John Grisham that is predictable is his unpredictability. He never allowed his writings to become stereotypical or stale during his more than 30 appearances to various bestseller lists. Of course, the name Grisham is synonymous with legal thrillers, and properly so. Lacy Stoltz, a Florida Board of Judicial Conduct attorney and investigator, appears in the second volume. Investigating judges is a routine procedure. Many get into difficulties because they have drug or alcohol problems, are unable to execute their judicial duties, or have an occasional conflict of interest. Lacy is taken aback when she receives an unexplained summons to meet with an anonymous witness who has accused an incumbent judge in Florida of murder.Lacy Stoltz investigated a corrupt judge who accepted millions of dollars in bribes from a criminal group in The Whistler. He chased the crooks away after being attacked and nearly killed. He's tired of working for the Florida Board of Judicial Conduct three years later, and he's ready for a change. Then he meets a mystery woman who makes him use a variety of nicknames. Jeri Crosby's father was murdered in an unsolved and expanding case twenty years ago. Jeri, on the other hand, has a suspect she's been infatuated with and has been pursuing for the past twenty years. She discovered additional victims along the way. Suspicion is simple enough, but proof appears to be difficult.The man is astute, patient, and always one step ahead of the authorities. He is the most devious serial killer. He understands forensics, police processes, and, most crucially, the law. He is a judge under Lacy's jurisdiction in Florida. He has a list of his victims and targets, all the innocent people he has met who have been unlucky enough to have harmed him in some way. Lacy can't follow him unless he has the next person on his list. You will read all of the facts without loosing your hand.

The Judge’s List is an excellent thriller that captures your attention right away. Lacy Stoltz's career appears to be at a crossroads. I hope John Grisham has another case to solve whether he stays in business or not. What happens next will be fascinating to see. As with all of his methods, Grisham includes professor notes on crime and justice: "This country has an average of fifteen thousand murders each year." One-third of the issues were never resolved.Since 1960, around 200,000 people have died." And, as is always the case with a corpse, a sequel is possible. It will bring Lacy and the considerably more dynamic Jeri together to execute their own justice. Many Grisham fans will be pleased with a gleaming figurine of mayhem. White Rain Book House is a best-seller in John Grisham's unexpected crime thriller.

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