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Fascinating Summer Scandal at Hotel Nantucket

Fascinating Summer Scandal at Hotel Nantucket

The Hotel Nantucket

If you're looking for a beach read that you won't be able to put down while stretching your feet and sunbathing on the beach this summer, you've come to the right place; the "queen of the beach readers" (New York Magazine) will have a very exciting ending to this story about a summer scandal set in a high-rise Nantucket hotel. is Hilderbrand's intriguing, captivating, and tempting work, the ideal escape tale read with its lovely setting, rich characters, and deliciously amusing story.

The Hotel Nantucket was turned from a glittering jewel of the era to a substandard, budget-friendly cottage to an eventually abandoned glaring cottage following a sad fire in 1922 that murdered the 19-year-old chambermaid, Grace Hadley. A billionaire bought it and thoroughly restored it. Xavier Darling recruits his lover from Nantucket, Lizbet Keaton, as general manager, and Lizbet assembles an inexperienced but charismatic staff member that shares a goal of improving the hotel's fate.They struggle to get along with each other and visitors, overcome the hotel's negative reputation, and survive Grace Hadley's mainly innocuous antics, who haunted the property until her murder is revealed.

According to Xavier Darling, the goal will be to acquire five out of five keys from Shelly Carpenter, a confidential hotel blogger who has never given the highest accolade to any property visited. A stunning restoration, a quality personnel, free sweets in the mini bar, and, of course, an excellent restaurant where, because this is Hilderbrand, a disco ball descends from the ceiling every evening at 9 p.m.The cook at this restaurant is hotter than any food on the menu, and it's all on display as the first customers arrive. Mrs. Carpenter, on the other hand, will be extremely difficult to satisfy. Other intriguing stories include a rich lad cleaning rooms to atone for something he did last spring that was mysterious and dreadful, and a demonic beauty shattering their island marriage. Instead of a pistol, there's a half-used Chanel eyeshadow and the desperate attempts of Lizbet's ex-girlfriend, who had sex with the wine rep, to get her back.Lizbet develops a "Blue Book" with all recommended island itineraries for Nantucket Hotel guests as one of her exclusive services. An appendix has a real-life version with information on places to dine, drink, sunbathe, shop, and stay on the island, as well as comments on where the Hilderbrand novels took place. If you want to peruse the Chicken Box or eat the herbed bread sandwiches that drew the author to become a permanent island resident in 1993, Elin Hilderbrand Bucket List Weekend is for you.

Hotel Nantucket is a colorful, breezy novel that immerses you in the recently restored Hotel Nantucket, where there is lots of luxury, delectable treats, an eclectic staff, plenty of scandal, a touch of romance, and a range of interesting and demanding clients. and experience the urge to be a ghostly being with a huge heart, as well as the first and only organization to ever achieve the coveted five essential degrees.It appeals to every reader looking for a fun and light summer read. The characters are multi-layered, realistic, and engaging. And the plot is an enthralling blend of friendship, family, secrets, interruption, workplace turmoil, searing chemistry, passionate mistakes, scandalous deeds, and, of course, lots of summer vibes.

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