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Can A Murder Be Prevented After It Has Occurred?

Can A Murder Be Prevented After It Has Occurred?

Wrong Place Wrong Time

Readers who enjoy thrillers are ecstatic right now since Gillian McAllister's latest novel, Wrong Place Wrong Time, has just been released. This terrible story will astound you since every parent's worst nightmare is being played out with their children. Happy, hilarious, upbeat, naive, and youthful. What would you do if your son got involved in a crime and murdered someone? All you know is that your young son is in detention and has no future. This novel, which will raise your empathy and make you read with wonder, is available at White Rain Book House.

Jen lives in Merseyside with her husband Kelly and their small son Todd. Jen has been suffering a mother's worst nightmare since witnessing her son murder. Jen has no idea why her victim or her son did this. All she knows is that her once bright future has been wrecked since she has been arrested for the crime she committed. Jen retires to bed, desperate for answers. As you can guess, her reaction is instinctive, extreme, and irritated, but it appears that this will have an unanticipated result for Jen because she travels back in time every time she wakes up. But when he awakens, Todd is at home, as if it were yesterday.The crime has not yet occurred.

Jen gets up one hour earlier every day. Jen's incredulity about the time loop situation casts any doubts, thus it all feels quite real. Jen sometimes only goes back a day, while other times she goes back months or years. He knows the answers are in the past, and he must do everything he can to uncover them and prevent the crime from occurring. Todd, on the other hand, provided Jen with the opportunity to solve the murder before committing it. You will also discover an intriguing secondary issue, such as mother-guilt and parenting.Jen delves deeply into how she raised her son within herself. Being a lawyer means working hard, or at least prioritizing work, and she's recreating those days with her son, seeing things from a different angle. Jen's self-doubt, remorse, and unwavering love for her son are extremely inspiring. These are the kinds of thoughts that worry any working mother, and the deep sense of guilt eats at them.

From the opening pages, you will be immersed in this story's carefully thought-out narrative and uniqueness. Each chapter is full of flashbacks that take you back in time without being confused, and because of the author's great technique, you can easily connect time to time. It will be a time-bending crime thriller, a family drama, an examination of a mother's love for her son, and a master of disguise. 

At the White Rain Book House, we reviewed the work, which is full of unexpected sharp angles and curves.

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