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Counsel To Young Readers That is Not Limited To Trends

Counsel To Young Readers That is Not Limited To Trends

Counsel To Young Readers That is Not Limited To Trends

You are living through some of the most beautiful and energetic memories of your life. If you are a picky reader, it may be difficult to select a book. Youth can now read more easily, have a variety of topics containing more popular elements, in different styles, which make young people feel they are not alone, where they can find their own love, which is sometimes entertaining, sometimes teaching, and sometimes a kind of therapy. Some books are simply 'distracting.' Fortunately for you, White Rain Book House has compiled a list of your most popular books; let's take a look together.

romancing mister bridgerton

Romancing Mister Bridgerton: Bridgerton

The Bridgerton family is one of London high society's favorite and noble families; the marriages, friendships, loves, and relationships of family members invite you to the mystical retro world of the time. Lady Whistledown, who now replaces tabloid reporters, chronicles all of the city's secret conversations and events on a daily basis. The identity of the Bridgertons and their future will be a source of fascination.

the handmaids tale

Handmaid’s Tale

Offred works as a Maid in the totalitarian and theocratic Republic of Gilead. Due to the high population density and low reproductive rates, which have a significant economic impact, stud girls are tasked with bearing children for wealthy couples who are having difficulty conceiving. As Offred recounts her daily life, we frequently see flashbacks in which the reader can reconstruct the events leading up to the beginning of the novel.

why i stand

Why I Stand

The greatest pressure is not being accepted in society, being judged for your ideas or appearance, and not being able to live freely as you are. What would you do if you found yourself in this situation? Jonathan shares his journey through a series of divine connections and desires to follow Christ in Why I Stand, and how his life of fear and insecurity led to safety and peace.

just tyrus

Just Tyrus

Tyrus, a 350-pound giant, is a friendly, hardworking entertainer with a wicked sense of humour. You'll be astounded by how she found herself in this memoir and what she went through on her way to her incredible career. Tyrus delves deeper into his brutal yet triumphant life story, from his painfully dysfunctional upbringing to becoming Snoop Dogg's bodyguard to becoming a wrestling icon and one of the most provocative voices on the air.

the war on the west

The War On The West

Throughout history, the desire to conquer land wars has been accompanied by changes in economic balances, slavery, conquest, prejudice, genocide, and exploitation. But are the countries that cause these and those who are responsible always Western? Celebrating the contributions of non-Western cultures has become perfectly acceptable, but discussing their flaws and crimes is considered hate speech. This book will alter your perception of history.


Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin

The Nazi and Soviet regimes killed approximately 14 million people in the middle of Europe during the twentieth century. The bloody landscape, which claimed the lives of all the victims, stretches from central Poland to western Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and the Baltic states. Bloodlands is a time capsule that vividly depicts the post-Cold War era.

the 48 laws of power

The 48 Laws Of Power

The 48 Laws of Power address those who seek power, those who are enslaved by it, and those who resist power. Some people make a fatal mistake when they are at the pinnacle of their power. Some go too far, while others do not go far enough. However, some people take the right path and draw power to themselves with superhuman zeal. The 48 Laws of Power will not be forgotten forever.



Unbroken chronicles the life of Louis Silvie Zamperini, better known as "Louie," who rose to national prominence as a runner in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Louie is a fantastic character story about a man with incredible stamina who miraculously survived many trials, including a long sea voyage on a raft and years of brutal treatment as a Japanese prisoner of war.

new letters of napoleon 1


With 33,000 newly published letters from Napoleon, Roberts gives the reader an inside look at the real man, widely regarded as one of history's greatest military-statesmen. Roberts paints a new portrait of a well-known historical figure using new documents from the archives and traveling to fifty-three of Napoleon's sixty battlefields, drastically changing our understanding of Napoleon's motivation and character.

sparring partners

Sparring Partners

America's favorite storyteller has a special treat in store for you. Kirk and Rusty Malloy are two successful young lawyers who inherited a firm after their father was imprisoned. Kirk and Rusty despise each other and only speak when absolutely necessary. As the firm crumbles, the ensuing disaster falls into the hands of Diantha Bradshaw, the only person the partners believe. Will he be able to save the Malloys, or will he take a stand and try to save himself for the first time in his career?


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