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Don't Overlook The Popular Best-Selling Books

Don't Overlook The Popular Best-Selling Books

Don't Overlook The Popular Best-Selling Books

When you walk into a bookstore, you will notice best-selling books on the shelves as soon as you walk in. You may have even skimmed the introductory chapters to get a sense that popular books are always worth reading. Through the White Rain Book House, we have compiled a list of popular books that have set sales records. You can examine it from the comfort of your own home and obtain the best-selling book that is appropriate for you.

dream town

1.Dream Town

You may be tired of traditional and fixed-fiction thrillers; treat yourself to a master narrator with David Baldacci's gripping and fluent writing language. One of Baldacci's best books is a detective story with no complicated plot or characters. In pursuit of the deadly case in Los Angeles, you must wait.

the homewreckers

2.The Homewreckers

Heartbroken women share the desire to hold on to life longer, their ambition to succeed, and their work discipline. Hattie Cavanaugh began her cleaning career at the age of eighteen. However, what happens to her when she encounters life-changing loves and opportunities will astound us all.

the investigator

3.The Investigator

Letty Davenport, Lucas Davenport's clever and stubborn adopted daughter, is a cold-blooded, intelligent, yet dangerous hero in John Sandford's latest thriller. Letty is a Stanford graduate with more secret-revealing abilities than most professionals. The perpetrators of secret cases are revealed as a result of these abilities.



In Greek mythology, Electra is the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra. When their father is assassinated, he saves his own life by exiling his brother Orestes. When the notorious but infamous Agamemnon betrays Clytemnestra in the most unbelievable manner on the eve of the Trojan War, he is forced to confront the curse that has long plagued their family. This recompiled book contains a detailed account for his fans.

Siren Queen

5.Siren Queen

Survivors must pay a high price in order to achieve fame and long-term success. Siren Queen is an enthralling exploration of a stranger who has achieved stardom on his own terms in a fantasy Hollywood where monsters are real and the magic of the big screen illuminates every page. He is willing to do anything rather than be a servant in order to exist in this world.

the book woman's daughter

6.The Book Woman's Daughter

16-year-old Honey Lovett, the daughter of bookkeeper Cussy Mary Lovett, who worked for the Pack Horse Library in the 1930s, was well aware that the old ways could make life difficult in the rugged Kentucky mountains. Honey and her family have spent their entire lives hiding from the authorities. When Honey's parents are imprisoned, she realizes she must fight to remain free or risk being sent away for good.

howls moving castle

7.Howl's Moving Castle

This unique story, which was awarded the best animation category in addition to being a very popular book, is fantastic. Sophie's usual outgoing life is altered by the witch's magic, who arrives at the hat shop uninvited. He must return to his castle. But what happens when Sophie Hatter enters Howl's Castle

november 9

8.November 9

You will read an emotional love story for those who miss living at the height of their rheumatism. Fallon meets novelist Ben the day before her long-distance move. Their unconventional shoot leads to Fallon spending her final day in Los Angeles with Ben, and her hectic life is the creative inspiration Ben has always sought for his novel, and they continue to meet on the same date each year. Can the novel be considered a love story with an unhappy ending if Ben's relationship with Fallon ends in heartbreak?

punk 57

9.Punk 57

"We were perfect for each other. That is, until we met." Ryen and Misha were pen pals who had been telling each other everything since childhood but had never met in person. Until a tragic accident occurred and Misha abruptly stopped responding. Even though their relationship was very sweet before they met, you will see the friendship turn into lust.

the wish

10.The Wish

Nicholas Sparks has made his readers cry and connected to himself while writing love stories for 25 years. The wish will undoubtedly be one of his works that keeps our faith in love alive in the face of adversity.The Wish is a very special book for Nicholas Sparks because it combines the author's two deep passions: travel and North Carolina.

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