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Everyone Will Like This Series of Psychological Tales

Everyone Will Like This Series of Psychological Tales

Understanding and interpreting human psychology is not easy. That's why we have brought together the best psychological novels for you at the White Rain Book House, so that you can improve yourself and understand your environment better.

the psychopath test

The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through The Madness Industry

The Psychopath Test is an enthralling tour through the minds of insane people. Jon Ronson's inquiry into a possible fraud involving the world's best neurologists unexpectedly leads him into the heart of the insanity industry. A famous psychologist, convinced that many prominent CEOs and politicians are psychopaths, teaches Ronson how to recognize these high-flying individuals by looking for minor verbal and behavioral signs. So, equipped with enhanced psychopath detection powers, Ronson penetrates the power structure. Not only does Ronson solve the enigma of deception, but he also discovers, uncomfortably, that the individuals at the top of the insanity industry are just as insane, with their own urges and obsessions, as those with whom they deal. And, increasingly, relatively ordinary people are identified by their craziest side.

thinking fast and slow

Thinking, Fast And Slow

Daniel Kahneman is a world-renowned thinker whose best-selling psychological novels question the model of rational thought and decision-making. In "Thinking, Fast and Slow," Kahneman takes us on a mind-bending journey and explains two systems that govern how we think and make decisions. A system is quick, intuitive, and emotional, whilst the other is slower, more deliberate, and rational. Kahneman exposes rapid thinking's exceptional talents, as well as its flaws and biases, and the pervasive influence of gut impressions on our thoughts and actions.The significance of correctly framing risks, the effects of cognitive biases on how we perceive others, the perils of estimating, the best strategies to enhance abilities, the pros and cons of dread and optimism, the difference between our experiences and recollection of events, the true components of happiness It may be understood by understanding how they collaborate to shape it. Kahneman demonstrates when we should and should not trust our intuition, as well as how we might gain from slow thinking, based on a lifetime of actual experience.

predictably irrational

Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions

Among psychological classic novels, a new and intriguing perspective on human behavior stands out. How do we see money? What led bankers to ignore the economy? What drove people to over-indebted themselves to banks? What are the irrational influences that influence our choices? How do we break the cycle of economic stagnation? The Times of New York Duke University faculty behavioral economist Dan Ariely explores both some of the root causes of the current economic crisis and the hidden forces that shape our decisions in this revised and expanded edition of Irrational But Predictable, a long-time best-selling psychological novel and the Wall Street Journal researching.Ariely demonstrates how expectations, emotions, social conventions, and other seemingly illogical influences invisible to the eye warp our reasoning abilities by combining regular events and creative experiments with new analyses.

the confidence game

The Confidence Game: Why We Fall For It . . . Every Time

An intriguing investigation of what constitutes a con artist and why we continue to be deceived by them.Maria Konnikova demonstrates in this excellent book that individuals are overly committed to faith. And, using a deft blend of anecdotes and studies, she delves into what this means for how we think and, ultimately, who we are.A riveting examination of the minds, motives, and methods of fraudsters and their swindle from Mastermind, the New York Times best-selling psychology novels author. takes advantage of it and compiles a series of compelling stories to demonstrate what all of the cons have in common. By investigating the link between artist and victim, the smart and engaging book transports readers into the world of scammers.

Power Of Habit

This beautiful work, which has attracted people interested in personal growth, is delivered to its readers by Charles Duhigg's master pen. Where the author discusses habits in our life, hints regarding how habits effect our triumphs and failures are handled with care. With this book, you can reconsider all of your routines as you begin to look at the order in your life from different viewpoints. Every person has a habit.Do basic behaviors like waking up at the same time every morning, going to bed at the same time, or taking the same route to work bring you success? On the other hand, the book, which investigates the strength of habits through a series of questions directed at persons on the habit study list, gives the reader hints that everything comes down to the brain.



According to Duckworth, the most important reason why concern with skill is damaging is simple: By concentrating on skill, we risk overshadowing everything else. We unintentionally transmit the idea that these other variables, such as sand, are not as crucial as they are. One thing is our potential. What we do with it varies greatly. We are only half awake in comparison to what we should be. Our fires are out, and our currents are under control.We only use a small portion of our mental and physical resources. Most of us, it appears, abandon what we begin much too quickly and far too frequently. Even more significant than a bold person's effort in a single day is that they wake up the next day eager to get back on the treadmill. If you haven't read this classic  psychological work yet, White Rain Book House is bringing it to you.

In addition to the most read psychological novels on the list, you will also find the most classic psychological novels and the best psychological novels. We hope you feel the deep and thought-provoking effect of psychology and make choices that you will be satisfied with as you read.

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