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If You Have Fallen, This Love Will Lift You Up

If You Have Fallen, This Love Will Lift You Up

The Best Is Yet To Come

In this touching tale by Debbie Macomber, one of the New York Times best-selling #1 authors, we see how when a lonely lady bravely chooses to open her heart, she may have a new chance to belong to two lost souls. Macomber's works depict captivating connections that embrace family and long-lasting friendships, enlightening his readers with stories of connection and optimism. Macomber's novels spent over 1,000 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. More is promised in The Best Is Yet to Come, which we reviewed for the curious at the White Rain Book House.

Hope Goodwin needs a new beginning after the death of her twin sister. He relocates to Oceanside, Washington, in the intention of starting again. She is hired as a teacher at a local high school. The host convinces him to volunteer at a nearby animal shelter in order to meet and interact with people. Hope meets Shadow, an irreparable dog, at the shelter. Hope Godwin requires an animal companion following the death of her twin sister. There are lots of diversions, such as his quaint home next to him and a drama brewing between his students at the local high school. But, for some reason, Hope is the one person Shadow accepts as they take their time with the mentally damaged dog,they become fast friends.Hope also meets Cade, a shelter volunteer with a turbulent past and emotional scars similar to Shadow's. She just wants to be alone and attempt to make amends for her mistakes in the past. She can't help but think about Hope and how much she's benefited Shadow. Women like Hope, on the other hand, do not pursue men like Cade. Cade Lincoln Jr., a shelter volunteer, is similar to Shadow. He also develops scars that most people do not notice. Cade, a wounded ex-Marine, identifies with Shadow, figuring that neither can assist. Hope believes that what each of them requires is someone to believe in them, and she is eager to share her love with them.

As Hope gains Shadow's trust, she notices Cade opening up as well.Cade and Hope take strides toward a relationship after finding the confidence to be vulnerable again, and Hope finally begins to feel at ease in her new home. Cade's past difficulties reappear, and Hope becomes engaged in the increasing situation at high school, putting Hope's happiness to the test. Love and compassion are supposed to heal all wounds, but will they be able to help Hope and Cade overcome the anguish of their past and the barriers that stand in their way of a better future?

When we are alone or lonely, we feel invisible, but friendship can be a ray of hope in these dark times. This inspiring story will be the book that we all need to read in these trying times. The Best is Yet to Come, the book that encompasses love, animal affection, compassion, and all types of human sensations in this novel that touches the emotional world of romance and women, has been added to the White Rain Book House's list of new titles.

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