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A Crime Story For Crime Buffs

A Crime Story For Crime Buffs

What Happened To The Bennetts

Lisa Scottoline, New York Times bestselling novelist and award-winning author of 33 Edgar Award-winning novels, including Eternal, writes, "What Happened to the Bennetts enables the Bennett family to traverse both imminent perils and their own tangled pasts." It takes us on a painful journey through a family's living nightmare and their long, nail-biting quest to regain a feeling of normalcy. Scottoline's ability to develop human relationships distinguishes this thriller from previous suburban-hero novels. We cordially invite you to join us on this enigmatic adventure at White Rain Book House.

Jason Bennett is a suburban parent with a court reporting career, but his nightlife takes a bad turn. Jason and Lucinda Bennett must stop by on their way back to Philadelphia with their son, Allison, 15, and their dog. He drives his family home after his daughter's field hockey game when a pickup truck pursues them down a dark road. The two males suddenly come out of the pickup truck and pull a gun on Jason, demanding the automobile. Allison is unintentionally shot when the dog pounces on the men, and the two flee.Allison dies in the hospital, and the Bennetts find that one of her attackers subsequently killed the other and is the son of the head of a criminal network in Pennsylvania that distributes and sells opium. The Bennetts are taken to safety in Delaware by two FBI agents early the next morning, where they will stay before entering the witness protection program. Agents inform him that escaped auto thief John Milo accused Jason of murdering his partner, George Veria Jr., to shield Junior from Junior's anger.

His father, George, is the Veria Organization's king. Agents warn Jason and Lucinda that time is of the essence: they must leave their home and their previous lives immediately and enter the witness protection program.Of course, minutes after the three grenade-shocked Bennetts allow themselves to be driven away, a representative of the GVO sets fire to their home and a similar fire follows in Jason's office, with Lucinda's office destroyed. Alerted to social media, the Bennetts can watch helplessly as friends and neighbors plead to contact them, and self-made "citizen detective" Bryan Krieger decides to launch his own freelance investigation fueled by defamatory innuendo. When Jason thinks he's finally settled the situation, Scottoline throws himself into explosive new complications in the most implacable of all mysteries.Scottoline turns pathetic with recurring memories and brooding among surviving family members until Jason finally decides to take back control of his life and begins as an examination of the deep pain of losing a child. full of thriller. Conspiracy theories abound as Jason races toward the truth.

Everything is complicated for the Bennet family right now; crimes, perpetrators, money and spiritual losses, and an unsolved mystery will steal your breath away. Your family has been attacked; nothing will ever be the same. You must now choose between law and justice. What would your stance be? What Happened to the Bennetts, an emotionally packed novel about family, treachery, and justice, awaits crime fans at the White Rain Book House.

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