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If You're Not Happy Where You Are: Change Your Attitude

If You're Not Happy Where You Are: Change Your Attitude

If You're Not Happy Where You Are: Change Your Attitude

Personal development books are extremely important since they share an experience through writing. And it has the ability to open unforeseen doors for you when you least expect it. Your perspective can be dramatically altered, and it can be the solution to many seemingly intractable issues. Let's have a look at some of the most popular personal development books at White Rain Book House.
the hard thing about hard things

The Hard Thing About Hard Things

Starting a new business is a risky venture that demands effort and experience. Ben Horowitz analyzes the challenges that entrepreneurs confront on a daily basis and discusses his readers' experiences in founding, expanding, selling, buying and monitoring technological enterprises. Take your money seriously if you want it to develop in your own hands; your ventures will be successful. 

principle for dealing with the changing world order

The Principles of Dealing with Changing World Owner

Ray Dalio, one of the world's most successful investors, describes how he and his colleagues chose assets for the future in his book Principles for Dealing with a Changing World Order. It reveals the timeless and universal factors driving these shifts and applies them to future planning, providing practical ideas for positioning oneself in the future.

how to win friends and influence people

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Since its initial publication in 1936, this book has sold over 15 million copies, setting records. Why not be one of the next stars after Dale Carnegie's first book made thousands of today's famous stars stars in their career and private lives?

the wok

The Wok Recipes and Techniques

Cooking, spending time in the kitchen, and sitting at the same table with our loved ones is certainly an amazing joy. Isn't it true that the most significant aspect of this encounter is the lovely and delicious food? With over 200 recipes and images, including no-cook side dishes, The Wok provides limitless ways to spice up your evening.

the subtle art of not giving a f*ck

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Many sections of the book contain sections in which you question yourself and criticize yourself, as well as helpful catchy stories. It reminds us that there are numerous lessons to be learnt from all of our seemingly negative value judgments, and that true mastery comes from recognizing who we are and what we must fight for.



Did you know that all of our setbacks, misfortunes, and troubles may be transformed into self-confidence, ideals, and success? Tunde Oyeneyin, a motivational speaker and Peloton teacher, has written SPEAK, a captivating book that will educate readers the truth of this. With this book, she hopes to inspire her readers and give them the confidence to make the necessary changes to live a more positive and happy life.

from strenght to strenght

From Strength to Strength

At the peak of his career at the age of 50, Arthur Brooks began to worry about the future due to his age and believed that his abilities would diminish. He embarked on a seven-year journey in hopes of seizing an opportunity from disappointment. If you have such concerns, this book will be a practical roadmap for the rest of your life.

I Will Teach You To Be Reach

To be wealthy, you do not need to be an experienced economist or financier. Ramit Sethi has progressed from a small Indian youngster to one of the most influential personal finance experts of the twenty-first century. What began as a blog in 2004 has developed into a multi-million dollar company offering tens of thousands of dollars in courses and tutorials over email.

finding me

Finding Me

Viola Davis is aware that she created her book for everyone looking for a ray of hope who feels helpless and in the dark, and that it is intended for a broad audience. Findig Me is an April 2022 reality narrative that can be found in White Rain House trends that will make you feel like you are not alone in this world and will profit from Davis's life and your own experiences.

atomic habits

Atomic Habits

Could our physical habits dictate the secrets of our personal growth, one of the most intriguing and explored themes in recent times? James Clear has spent many years studying neurology, and psychology, and in this book he offers readers a synthesis of the best ideas brilliant people discovered many years ago, as well as some of the most fascinating findings scientists have made in recent times.


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