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New Children's Books for the New School Term

New Children's Books for the New School Term

New Children's Books for the New School Term

We have reached the end of the summer vacation; as the White Rain Book House family, we present the most recent and fun books for our children's enjoyment, in order to restore, if only slightly, the morale of the children and increase their motivation in the process of acclimating to the return to school. We wish everyone a happy reading season as the most beautiful school season begins.

The Lion of Mars

A child growing up on Mars discovers that he is not bound by the concerns of the grownups around him. Bell has lived his entire life on Mars, eleven years. However, the average child enjoys cats, many types of sweets, and wonders about the secrets that adults in the US colony keep. Why, for example, don't you communicate with anyone in the other Martian colonies? Why are they so alone? When a virus spreads and all of the adults become ill, Bell and the other children are the only ones who can help. It's up to Bell, a regular kid in a strange environment, to discover the truth, save his family, and possibly unite the entire planet.

Noodle and the No Bones Day

Today is a day to be kind to yourself, according to Noodle's First Boneless Day, a charming and amusing picture book that follows pug Noodle and his master. Noodle is a nice, goofy old man who loves doing his favorite things with his favorite human, Jonathan. He works as a boxer. When Jonathan goes to take Noodle for a morning walk one day, he discovers Noodle still in bed. Noodle falls to the ground when Jonathan picks him up. Noodle appears to have awoken nearly boneless. Noodle isn't sick or upset, but it also doesn't want to go on a walk or sit outside.It only requires extra cuddles and belly rubs today. Jonathan quickly discovers that not every day can be a Bone Day, and that sometimes a Boneless Day is all you need to get through the week.

The One and Only Sparkella Makes a Plan

The One and Only Sparkella is a beautiful homage to self-confidence and father-daughter love. Kim Barnes created the illustrations. Ella is looking forward to her first day at her new school. What about the bright pencil case? What about the sparkling backpack? Hair with glitzy ribbons? She can't wait to meet new youngsters and share her bright personality with them. Her first day, however, did not go as planned: her new classmates disliked her disco ball shoes, PB&J spread sandwich, and rainbow unicorn image. Ella decides to be less dazzling the next day at school so that the other kids don't make fun of her. But, with a little encouragement from her father, she quickly learns the value of being herself, regardless of what others say.

the night before second grade

The Night Before Second Grade

The One and Only Sparkella is an enthralling homage to self-assurance and father-daughter love. Kim Barnes created the artwork. Ella is looking forward to her first day of school at her new school. The illuminated pencil case? The shimmering backpack? Sparkly ribbons in your hair? She can't wait to meet new youngsters and share her bright personality. Her first day, however, does not go as planned: her new classmates do not like her disco ball shoes, PB&J spread sandwich, or rainbow unicorn image. Ella decides to be less dazzling at school the next day so that the other kids don't make fun of her. But, with a little encouragement from her father, she quickly learns the value of being herself, no matter what others say.

Charlie Thorne and the Curse of Cleopatra

In this third installment of the Charlie Thorne series, Charlie travels to Egypt in search of Cleopatra's greatest treasure. Charlie Thorne is an absolute genius. Charlie Thorne is an outcast. Charlie Thorne does not go down quietly. Cleopatra and her husband, Marc Antony, were defeated in their war for control of the Egyptian Empire by Octavian in 30 BC. Cleopatra, on the other hand, knew Octavian was pursuing the enigmatic thing that was the source of all her money and power, and she hid it before committing suicide. He leaves a trail of devious clues for his children to follow in order to find him, but they are lost to history.Charlie must fight for his life against deadly opponents, compete with Cleopatra, and unravel a two-thousand-year-old secret to keep the ancient world's most potent treasure from falling.

The Elephant Girl

Ellen Banda-amazing Aaku's narrative of a girl, an elephant, and their life-changing connection is told in this film.Jama, who is intelligent and empathetic, prefers elephants to humans. Jama, twelve, seeks sanctuary in a well outside his hamlet, while his classmates chat about the new youngster Leku in particular. In exchange for seed, the Swahili befriends a newborn elephant named Mbegu.When Mbegu's mother, frightened of poachers and stampedes, is accused for two deaths, one elephant and one human, Jama and Mgebu are blamed. Now, Leku, whose mysterious and imposing father is the sanctuary's chief ranger, may be their only hope. Based on true events, The Elephant Girl is published by White Rain Book House.

Stanley the Dog: The First Day of School

Stanley the Dog: The First Day of School is a charming and touching new picture book about a bulldog puppy named Stanley and his first day of school experiences. It's Stanley's first day of school, and he's not looking forward to it. Stanley would prefer to stay in bed and contemplate which collar to wear than ride the school bus. With his tummy tightening by the minute, Stanley wonders if a bulldog like him will fit in with the other puppies at school. Stanley is unfamiliar with any of the school rules. When it needs to sit, it rolls.When it needs to stay, it barks. Worse, it has no idea how to make friends. Stanley the Dog: The First Day of School will remind every reader of the difficulties of trying new things and the importance of remaining true to oneself.

Ben Yokoyama and the Cookie of Doom

Meet Ben, a genuine young man with a huge heart and an even bigger sweet appetite, who opens a fortune cookie and realizes that this could be his last day on Earth! Ben is both terrified and motivated when he reads his fortune cookie fortune telling. He instantly starts compiling a list of unfulfilled activities and long-held ambitions (finish the 1000-piece Taj Mahal model, eat the whole cake, etc.). As I get into and out of trouble, take useful risks, and assist her parents in seeing the broader picture, readers see how something frightening can be empowering to bonds that could not have formed otherwise, such as neighbors. Apple pies that were previously unknown and would never have been created.

The Dot

In Peter H. Reynolds' numerous award-winning modern classic, one small dot signals the beginning of Vashti's journey of surprise and self-discovery. Vashti believes she can't draw in this inspiring, award-winning story of self-expression and creativity from Peter H. Reynolds, artist of Ish and the Judy Moody series. Her teacher, on the other hand, is confident that she can. She believes that everyone has a creative spirit and encourages Vashti to sign the angry dot she forms in exasperation on a piece of paper. This deed causes Vashti to reconsider herself and teaches her that where there's a dot, there's a way...Peter H. Reynolds invites even the most doggedly uncreative among us to create a mark and follow where it takes us with wit, charm, and free-spirited pictures.

Once Upon Another Time

When your parents are giants, five and a half feet may appear tall for a twelve-year-old. Lena kept the small giant's existence hidden by using magic to grow up while the huge was in the hamlet. But, even though he knew the other giants might not welcome him, it always felt terrible to keep his true identity hidden. Fortunately, Lena has friends in the Cursed City who understand that changing her appearance will not make her any less of a giant.What Lena and Jin don't realize is how close the Golden King's intentions to reunite his dark magic and the deadly Faceless knights are to being realized. If Jin discovers the Last Knight and takes him to the Golden King, the entire fairy tale realm could be destroyed.

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