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Series of Love Poetry Books forThose Who Fall in Love

by WRBH Editors 28 May 2023

Series of Love Poetry Books forThose Who Fall in Love

Language is poetry. Words are the harmony of words, meaning, and more. It is a manner of thinking, comprehending, and communicating. And, while it may go without saying, it is a very successful and well-established strategy.Poetry is an escape, a quest for beauty, and a quest for meaning. Whatever we say, we are referring to something immaterial. Poetry, once again, is the perfect way to describe love, affection, despair, and the change of seasons.Today, White Rain Book House has created a list of the sad love poetry books for sensitive and sad hearts.


Ariel: Poems

Ariel was Sylvia Plath's second book of poems to be published. It was first published in 1965, two years after her suicide. The poems in the 1965 version of Ariel constituted a striking departure from Plath's earlier Colossus poems, with their free-flowing visuals and characteristically threatening inner landscapes. Sylvia Plath died, leaving behind not only a brilliant life but also her unreleased literary masterwork, Ariel. Her husband, Ted Hughes, published the collection in 1966, and it received widespread recognition. This book presents the acclaimed poet's brilliant, challenging, and always sad poetry book about love, including "Ariel," and demonstrates why readers have adored her work for centuries.

she felt like feeling nothing

She Felt Like Feeling Nothing

This beautiful reminder of women's strength comes from the bestselling author of the Whiskey, Words, and a Shovel series. There are times when the heart no longer wants to feel since everything it has felt up to that point has only brought it pain. She didn't feel anything on the inside, r.h. It is based on the themes of sin, self-discovery, and reflection. The poet's goal with this book is to offer a safe environment for women to rest their weary hearts and focus on themselves. The first book in the "What You Feel" series is Nothing Felt Like Feeling.

howling at the moon

Howling at the Moon

Tell me about Atlas. Which is heavier, the earth or people's hearts? Darshana Suresh's first poetry collection addresses what it means to be alive and how hurt and healing can be overwhelmingly interwoven. She doesn't write about recovery. Instead, she writes that she will keep going until she is ready to recover. Darshana Suresh's first collection of poetry addresses what it means to be alive and how hurt and healing can be overwhelmingly interwoven. She doesn't write about healing. Instead, he writes that he will keep going until he is ready to recover. Celestial bodies are the study of poetry as a body; your words drawn from the heavens. The series' goal is to entice and encircle the reader, to invite them into their orbits, to start afresh.

aphrodite made me do it

Aphrodite Made Me Do It

With her new collection, Aphrodite Made Me Do It, best-selling poet Trista Mateer adopts a mystical approach to self-care. Mateer combines goddess mythology into 224 pages of modern poetry and full-color artwork in this uplifting and feminist reimagining. The work within it is divided into chapters that alternate between the poet's and Aphrodite's own perspectives, and it explores the issue of everlasting love: romantic, platonic, and self-love. Heartbreak, sexuality, femininity, trauma, and the curative power of taking ownership of your own knowledge, speaking your truth, and rewriting your origin story are all addressed in the book. If you let her, Aphrodite will make you believe in her own possibility before the end of this novel.

things we dont talk about

The Things We Don't Talk About

"Things We Don't Talk About" is a brief collection of ideas, quotes, and poems that illustrate some of the difficulties associated with living with depression and mental illness, as well as the repercussions on your relationships with yourself and loved ones. A personal perspective on the darkest corners of your mind and the struggle to combat your own mind. This is the peak of what's going on beneath the surface, which most people are fighting in silence, and to which you may or may not be able to relate. It is not too late, and you are not alone, if you are reading this. I wish to make at least one person feel less alone in this world. One of the most difficult things to accomplish is to communicate and/or express our sentiments.Many times we stop even trying to express ourselves for fear of not being understood or doing it the "right" way. We are all human and the best we can do is keep trying. Note: Originally published in January 2019, now the updated version is on the White Rain Book House.

love and everything in between

Love and Everything In Between 

Love and everything in between is a compilation of bare-handed poetry on bare paper that represents the scrawled intricacy of love as well as the simplicity it encompasses. It will appeal to undecided and emotional readers who are attached to love but wish to end it.

the end of the alphabet

The End of the Alphabet

Claudia Rankine, born in Jamaica and currently residing in the United States, creates poetry that draws breath from alienation  from her home, her body, and her thoughts. Claudia Rankine, dubbed "a passionately gifted young poet" by Robert Hass, has fused the cerebral and the spiritual, the sensuous and the bizarre. Rankine speaks about her vulnerability by looking at those closest to her, with a ferocious insight and frightening honesty. Whether she's writing about the man she fell in love with or the place she's come to that isn't her home, her voice's enticing cadence and vivid physicality lingers in searing echo.

four reincarnations

Four Reincarnations: Poems

Respectful and irreverent, humorous and brutal, "charmingly cunning and startlingly weird," The Four Rebirths is the first poetry collection to establish an exciting new tone in American writing. When Max Ritvo was sixteen and diagnosed with terminal cancer, he became his body's top war correspondent. The poems in the Four Reincarnations are posts from chemotherapy beds, hospitals, and the most dismal parts of one's house. They are manifested violently, communicating agony, violence, and loss. Ritvo investigates the idea of death with uncommon compassion, but he is also a death assessor, a poet of life and love. and a staunch supporter of his body and tastes. Ritvo sends letters to his wife, ex-wives, therapists, fathers, and mother.

blood dazzler

Blood Dazzler

Patricia Smith has already published four books of poetry, including The Supreme Tea House, which received the Hurston/Wright Legacy Award and the Paterson Prize for Poetry. Patricia Smith investigates in minute detail as Hurricane Katrina transforms into a total destruction mistress. Smith follows totally minimal relief operations and watches families kept captive on the rooftops and in the Superdome, adopting the voices of pushy politicians, the dead, the survivors, and the hurricane itself.

philip larkin

Philip Larkin: The Complete Poems

All of the poetry of the most celebrated English poet of his generation are presented. This fully new version collects all of Philip Larkin's poems. Along with poems from Collected Poetry (1988) and Early Poems and Juvenilia (2005), there are some unreleased pieces from Larkin's typewritten texts and workbooks, as well as poems that are respectively repulsive, humorous, tender, and romantic.' It is the first time a detailed commentary on Larkin's poetry has been written. It makes critical use of and greatly extends on previous studies on Larkin, encompassing closely connected historical settings, persons and places, references and repercussions, and language use. Archie Burnett's reading of Larkin reveals him to be a more complicated and literary poet than many readers expected.

A depressive poetry book can bring you to the light in the dark and interpret your feelings that you cannot put into words. That's why poetry books will always be your best friend. With the privilege of White Rain Book House, all of them come to your home with one order.

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