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The Dark Future of Humanity


When you imagine the future, you probably think of finding a cure for cancer or cutting-edge robots serving people. What if the future was not as utopian as we think, but rather a dystopian nightmare?

Written in 1948, it is a work that describes how people who see the future and refer to the future are brought into a herd and made into a uniform. Orwell makes the reader think about the future while at the same time connecting with the present. It is one of the must-read books for dystopian novel or dark future prophecy lovers. When the book is finished, the possibility of what has been written will seem both impossible and very familiar. This contradiction is the biggest factor that makes the book popular.With the privilege of White Rain Book House, you can access this book, which is very popular and translated into many different languages, with versions of the book published by different publishers.

In his novel 1984, George Orwell paints a universe that depicts enslaved people, both physically and mentally. The author, who brings political criticism to despotic governments, builds the book around dominating people's thoughts and brainwashing. As soon as possible, get this cult novel, which has been filmed twice, on your White Rain Book House account now. The book 1984 does not offer you a hopeful or comforting reading experience. Instead, it promises a thought-provoking, terrifying, and pessimistic experience.

Is it possible to get rid of a brainwashing state? The book's subject is generally; it is the story of our protagonist, Winston, trying to get out of this new world order and political prison.In 1950, the book was censored and banned because it predicted a dark future for concentration camps and other political references in Britain, America, and even the Soviet Union.

Here we see how worthwhile the book is. The book, which continues with an increasing tempo without getting bored, is quite gripping. In the lines dripping from Orwell's intelligence, we witness the destruction of individuality. The dark future of humanity, which is constantly watched and robotized, terrifies people. It will continue to affect people not only at the time it was written, but also today and tomorrow. That book is a masterpiece that should be in every library.

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