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The Much-Anticipated Return of a Legend

The Much-Anticipated Return of a Legend

Fairy Tale

The anticipated month is here; Stephen King, author of over sixty best-selling books worldwide, will deliver his latest work, Fairy Tale, at the White Rain Book House. In this compelling novel about a seventeen-year-old kid who inherits the keys to a parallel universe where good and evil fight, Stephen King mesmerizes the reader to the deepest regions of the imagination.

This fantasy thriller follows Charlie Reade, a high school student who is burdened by his terrible circumstances. Charlie's mother died when he was a child, and his father is simply an unrelated alcoholic parent. Charlie appeared to be a typical high school student until he turned 17. and he hadn't come across anything unusual yet. He was a student who excelled in baseball and football. Even after all these years, he still carries a great burden because his mother died in a hit-and-run accident when Charlie was just ten years old, and his father turned to drink in his grief.Charlie had to learn how to care for himself as well as his father. Then she meets Charlie Radar, a dog, and her reclusive owner, an elderly man named Mr. Bowditch. When you live on a hill, like Mr. Bowditch, having a cottage in your backyard that emits unusual noises may not seem so strange.

However, following Mr. Bowditch's death, Charlie will discover the secrets hidden within the cabin. When Bowditch dies, he leaves Charlie a tape with a story that no one will believe.The occupants of the cosmos are in peril, and it's terrible leaders seek and possess the power to destroy both their world and ours. There are exiled princesses and princes who suffer terrible punishments in this parallel universe, where two moons race in the sky and the great towers of an expanding palace pierce the clouds; there are dungeons; and there are games where men and women must fight to the death to entertain the "Fair One."And there's a magical sundial that can turn back the clock. Fairy Tale is a narrative as old as legend, as startling and memorable as the rest of King, about an ordinary guy forced into the role of a hero by circumstance, and it is both tremendously captivating and fulfilling.

"As if my imagination were waiting for the question to be asked, I imagined a bleak but vivid, immense, abandoned city," King wrote. I saw deserted streets, ghostly buildings, and a gargoyle head on the ground. "I saw severed statues (which I didn't know about till later)." I saw a massive, wide castle with glass towers tall enough to break through the clouds. "These photographs helped me portray the story I intended to tell." Don't miss the Fairy Tale, which will be joining the Book House family.

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