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The Paradise Trilogy: (Winter in Paradise, What Happens in Paradise, Troubles in Paradise)

by WRBH Editors 29 Apr 2023
The Paradise Trilogy: (Winter in Paradise, What Happens in Paradise, Troubles in Paradise)

The Paradise Trilogy: (Winter in Paradise, What Happens in Paradise, Troubles in Paradise)

Winter in Paradise

Irene Steele is the main character who has everything and lives in heaven on earth. When you have a wonderful husband, kids, job, and home, what else could one want? But as the book progresses, heaven begins to crackle. The happy ending, which looks like a fairy tale, actually isn't. From the White Rain House Book, you can reach the Paradise Trilogy Series, which you will read out of breath. Cracks in Irene's life begin with the book Winter in Paradise. Her children are grown up and she doesn't need her as much as before. Her husband moves away from her. His life is shattered when he receives a late-night phone call that no one wants. You can access the series from the White Rain House Book to read how a rosy life was turned upside down. Her husband is found dead on the island of John, far from home, leaving questions unanswered. Irene, with her two sons, goes to St. She flies to John and is faced with more unexpected news: that her husband has a second family.

What Happening in Paradise

In What Happens in Paradise, Irene struggles to gather what's left of her family after being shocked by the secrets and tangled love affairs exposed in the first novel. Iowa housewife Irene tries to come to terms with the unexpected death of her jet-set businessman husband in the series that resumes up where it left off. Cash and Baker, her sons, are dealing with their mother's drama. The Steele returns to her damaged paradise with what's remained of her family, Irene, and her two grown boys, Baker and Cash. Although she never admits it, Irene, the cranky boat captain, begins to miss Huck. St. Catherine was chosen as Irene's second wife. Steele is left alone for the family with the ghosts of Russ (Irene's dead husband and father to Baker and Cash), his mistress, and his daughter. Who was Russ, the man who pretended to be someone else for a while? Irene and her two grown boys, Baker and Cash, are stranded in St. John for various reasons and decide to return to home island. Although the island paradise is inviting, it also raises its own set of questions. Is it a murder or a helicopter crash? Was he happier with his life on the island than living at home with Irene in Iowa?

Trouble in Paradise

The series' final novel has a romantic feel to it, with the acknowledgement that love is never simple, no matter how old you are. We now learn that each member of the Steele family smoothly adapts to the transition from tourist to island inhabitant. Irene and Huck's 57-year-old romance is still going strong. Irene is now homeless due to the confiscation of her Heavenly villa and her home in the United States. Her deceased husband's secrets have now been discovered, posing additional challenges.The mystery in this book was less than in the first two books. More about the characters and the islands While the first two books are rich in mystery and humor, this book gives us a more emotional view of the characters.

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