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The World of Dark Olympus

The World of Dark Olympus

Wicked Beauty

Katee Robert's Dark Olympus stories, which are well known and recognizable to those who appreciate Greek mythology, continue to immerse you in this mystical universe. This novel, like all Katee Robert books, is erotic as heck, but it also has the biggest storyline twists. Plot isn't always required to enjoy a novel, but Wicked Beauty masterfully balances spice with plot. Join this trip in the White Rain Book House to see Helen, Achilles, and Patroclus fall in love and experience the tournament's highs and lows.

You either have the power to rule or you are ruled on Olympus. Achilles Kallis may not have been born with much, but as a child, he pledged to find a way into the poisoned city's inner circle. Now that a coveted role is available to everyone with the capacity to demand it, he and his partner, Patroclus Fotos, intend to compete and increase their chances of winning. Zeus may have opted to abandon Helen, but Helen has other intentions. He enters the contest as the thirteen monarchs' middle finger and basically competes for his own hand in marriage.Unfortunately, some would rather see him die than control the city. The only people he can rely on are those he can't get enough of: Achilles and Patroclus.

Wicked Beauty is an exciting, action-packed retelling that transports you into the lives of Helen of Troy, Achilles, and Patroclus as they all vie to become the next Ares and take on the desired one. As a member of the Thirteen, the point is apparent, but first they must survive three deadly tests that will test their wits, speed, agility, strength, and wits, as well as a scorching passion between them that can ruin their dreams but consolidate their wishes and emotions.Helen is famous for her beauty, as we know from Greek mythology, and because her beautiful features are known throughout Olympus. Helen reveals Zeus is more than simply attractive as he proposes to the next tournament winner to become Ares. She would have a chance to win the Ares title and select her own mate. Helen prepared for this and comes from a gymnastics background, so she is strong and talented. But I appreciated how it still suffered with some trials. It's plausible given that the majority of his opponents are lifelong soldiers. And it's great and satisfying to observe when it outlasts its opponents.

Overall, Wicked Beauty, published by White Rain Book House, is another racy, dramatic, and sensual book by Roberts that takes the desire, danger, and filth of the Dark Olympus series to a whole new level, leaving you eager and so excited that anything that follows up is worth reading. You can obtain it with. It was the tide that launched a thousand ships, the furious beauty in Olympus' heart, and it was never our claim. Wicked Beauty, like the other novels in this series, provides an exceptional story, wonderful character development, and the spiciness that only Robert can bring.

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