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What Happened in This Apartment

What Happened in This Apartment

The Paris Apartment

Lucy Foley is a historical fiction and suspense novelist from the United Kingdom. His work The Guest List, as well as The Paris Apartment, are both best-sellers. Paris Apartment was released on February 22, 2022, and Goodreads and Good Housekeeping called it one of the most anticipated novels of the year. We can confidently predict that you will finish this mystery thriller, which is a White Rain Book House bestseller, in a short period of time, full of breathlessness and excitement. However, in this book, it is vital to tell all readers ahead of time that "everyone is a neighbor." Everyone is suspicious. And everyone knows something he doesn't tell them." The narrative begins with Jess. When things go wrong in England, Jess takes the unexpected decision to go to her brother's house. Jess's hope is her sister Ben and her apartment in Paris, which she owns. . Ben is a journalist who was producing articles on weird occurrences that happened in his flat. At this moment, the adventure and tension begin since, despite Ben's assurance that he would be waiting for him, he is not at home; hours and days pass, but Jess, who is becoming concerned, is forced to seek assistance from the neighbors who live in this unusual apartment. The young woman who begins to investigate Ben's disappearance puts herself in jeopardy.

Our character, on the other hand, is far too determined and refuses to give up. He comes to suspect that the police, particularly the tenants of the apartment, are unwilling to find Ben and that they are harboring secrets. Nick, the Doorman, Antoine, and Sophie are some of the other characters in this book. Nick is Ben's longtime and close university friend who appears to be harmless. Sophie is married to a very wealthy vintner and often lives alone in her apartment's penthouse; Antoine is a deranged alcoholic who has recently separated from his wife; and the doorman is a seemingly elderly woman who lives in a small building in the middle of the apartment's courtyard, about which little is known. Lucy Foley has devised a plot in which she provides clues to the reader in order for them to solve the mystery step by step. You will be entirely focused on the outcome from that point forward. Will Jess be able to track down Ben alive? Who did it to him, and why? White Rain Book will provide you with answers to all of your questions. We hope you enjoy reading this fluent and fascinating story, which is written in the Agatha Christie style that suspense fans crave.

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