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We're In Tremendous Trouble If Witches Exist

We're In Tremendous Trouble If Witches Exist

Small Town Big Magic

Small Town, Big Magic, Nicole Helm (North Star TV series) and Megan Crane (Alaska Power TV series) collaborated on this enthralling magic-filled romantic comedy, which blends modern sorcery with eccentric heroes and perplexing relationships. White Rain Book House delivers a beautifully crafted heroine with a voice that will make readers feel as if they are reading about one of their friends. Furthermore, it will undoubtedly be a favorite with any paranormal romance fan.

Emerson Wilde used to read all of these books, which were crowded into the safe and comfortable shelves of his grandmother's bookstore, Confluence Books. But when his grandmother died, he left the shop, his charming Victorian home, and his legacy to Emerson. Even Cyprian can't recall where he was in Missouri. He considers Cyprian to be a lovely little town in which he is proud to be a small company owner and chairman of the Chamber of Commerce. He doesn't know half of what's going on, but he's about to find out. Emerson was in St. Cyprian preparing Main Street for an annual celebration when he saw weird things happening around him.Strange events led to a showdown with his long standing adversary, Mayor Skip Simon. He seemed to have sent impossible, paranormal entities after him. Creatures that Emerson can simply send, while having no understanding how he achieved it. The witches were discovered to be real, and Emerson was one of them.

However, when Emerson is attacked by monsters that should not exist and kills them with what can only be described as magic, he discovers that the previous ten years of his existence have been a deception. St. Cyprian is a refuge for witches, not your average Midwestern river village.Emerson was deprived of his magical memories after failing a strength test years ago. All of Emerson's friends turned out to be witches. But that's not all; St. Evil lurks in Cyprian's lovely streets. Emerson's buddies are both terrified and excited as his powers begin to return. They were ecstatic that they could finally be themselves with him.He was afraid the powerful witch council would discover he had broken her memory block and that they had all told his everything they weren't going to tell him.To combat an evil hidden in the rivers and the shadows, Emerson will have to learn to manage what's inside, remember his power, and deal with old, complex feelings for his childhood friend, the cranky but fabulous local farmer Jacob North. He would do everything for the Cyprian, but now he must put not just his livelihood, but also his life, at jeopardy.

Small Town, Big Magic follows Emerson Wilde as he realizes that the world he is responsible for is not what it appears to be, for not only are his pals witches, but he is as well! While battling terrible creatures that should not exist, he and his band of allies return to their village of St. They must collaborate to save Cyprian. Meanwhile, Emerson must learn how to do it. If you're wondering how she's going to deal with her beautiful lifelong buddy now that she understands how to become a witch again and who they both truly are, you may acquire it from the White Rain Book House online sale.

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