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What Happened To ‘’It Girl’’

What Happened To ‘’It Girl’’

The IT Girl

Before becoming a full-time writer, Ruth Ware worked as a waitress, bookseller, English language teacher, and press officer. She is the New York Times and Globe and Mail (Toronto) bestselling author of In a Dark, Dark Wood, Woman in Cabin 10, lie game, Death of Mrs. Westaway, Turn of the Key, One by one, and O Girl, among other books. With her novel O Girl, she now arrives to take her readers' breath away.Ware's amazing psychological thriller investigates how much one can trust others and oneself, while switching between past and present occurrences, finely picked details vividly bring each character to life. It also has an exciting conclusion. We have also evaluated the widely awaited novel 'White Rain Book House' for you, dear readers.

Hannah Jones met April Clarke-Cliveden for the first time at Oxford. Hannah was instantly lured into her dazzling circle because she was vibrant, bright, occasionally violent, and the ultimate It girl. They spent their first semester as a group of devoted and inseparable pals. April unexpectedly died at the end of the year in this group, which comprised Will, Hugh, Ryan, and Emily. Hannah Jones arrives at Oxford, unable to believe she has been admitted to this refuge of study and fortune.She shares a lovely room ensemble with the vivacious and beautiful April Clarke-Cliveden, and she divides her time between rigorous work and energetic socializing with Emily Lippmana, Ryan Coates, Hugh Bland, and Will April's fiance. Apart from his increasingly terrifying confrontations with one of the porters,

John Neville, it's a lovely existence. Hannah is arrested after discovering April's body one night after witnessing Neville stroll down the stairs from their room. A young woman had helped send the wrong man to prison ten years after she discovered the body of her Oxford roommate in front of their room's fireplace. struggles with the idea that anything is possible.Hannah and Will are expecting their first child, and erstwhile Oxford patron John Neville, the man convicted of April's murder, has died in prison. Hannah is relieved to have finally put the past behind her when a young journalist arrives with new proof suggesting Neville may be innocent. Hannah finds that the friends she thought she knew have something to hide, even a murder, as she reconnects with old pals and explores deeper into the mystery of April's death.Ware divides the novel into "before" and "after" sections, and the story of Hannah's college experience follows events in her life nearly ten years later, when she is married to Will and expecting their first child. Then Neville dies in prison, and Hannah receives information from a reporter who believes she is innocent. Hannah starts to wonder and goes back in time to try if she can figure out what happened that night.

Ware, as usual, brings the It Girl novel to us in a well-planned storyline. The plot, characters, and language are all intriguing. You won't be able to unwind until this murder mystery is solved, and you may find it difficult to understand how time moves in the novel. The novel progresses well, and the reader's patience is rewarded. It Girl is a deliciously enjoyable fiction that has become a White Rain Book House bestseller and should be in your library without hesitation.

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