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It's time to feed with funny kids book for Little Hearts' Giant Imaginations!

It's time to feed with funny kids book for Little Hearts' Giant Imaginations!

When the time comes for little hearts to start kindergarten, the transition can be challenging. However, in this list, you may find interesting children's funny books for kindergarteners that will improve their drive, and that they will study in kindergarten by having a lot of fun even when they are away from home.These funny children’s books are colorful and exciting pages will keep all children entertained. Now I'll introduce you to the White Rain Book House children's book trends section. You won't be far from this exciting planet.

wheres spot

Where is Spot? 

Eric Hill's pioneering first winged innovation continues to delight and surprise readers with dynamic fun. Spot has been a well-known figure in early childhood education for almost 40 years, with over 65 million books sold globally.In Eric Hill's debut groundbreaking narrative, join the quest for the lovable Spot! Lift each wing to reveal a variety of amusing animal surprises before learning where the mischievous Spot has been hidden. This is an excellent introductory book for young children to read together. There are also some excellent texts to which you should answer.The best-selling board book has been reprinted in a smart-cased board edition with robust, toddler-proof covering.

good night moon

Good Night Moon

A small rabbit is hidden in his bed in a large green room. "Good night, room, and moon." The picture of the three small bears sitting on the chairs, the clocks and their socks, the gloves and the kitties, everything the little bunny whispered one by one good night.

In this children's literature classic treasured by generations of readers and listeners, the peaceful poetry of words and gentle, serene illustrations join together to form the perfect book for the end of the day.

superpower sisterhood

Superpower Sisterhood

Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce are Bush's superheroes in this friendship and fraternity, not just the sisters. Emma had spent her entire life alone, growing up in a neighborhood with no other children; that is, until the two sisters moved into his block! The girls create a club right away, only to learn that something strange is going on. They've all had exceptional abilities, but when they work together, those abilities become superpowers. Now, the fraternity is ready to help its community prosper, as long as they can keep the feared Miss Wigglestoot from uncovering its secrets.Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush, co-authors of the New York Times bestseller #1 Sisters First, The Superpower Sisterhood, makes it plain that life is quite exciting when the sisters are by your side.

if animals kissed goodnight

If Animal Kissed Good Night

What if animals did the same thing you did? This best-selling story imagines how animals might say goodnight to their loved ones. So, if animals kissed each other goodnight, how would they do it? Giraffe and calf stretched their necks, Wolf and cub kissed, and then Howl and Sloth and baby moved slowly. And in the animal kingdom, each creature shared love in their own special way. Don't forget to check out the other novels in this charming series: Animals Say I Love You, Celebrate Christmas, Go to School, and Say Thank You!

the very hungry caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We've brought you the classic story of all time, passed down from generation to generation and sold every 30 seconds somewhere in the world. The caterpillar emerged from a little egg on a beautiful Sunday. It was excruciatingly painful. On Monday, he ate an apple; on Tuesday, he ate three plums and was still hungry. When he was filled, he wrapped himself in a cocoon and went asleep, waking up a few weeks later with a lovely transformation into a butterfly! Eric Carle, a brilliant creator, dramatized the story of the butterfly's transformation, one of Nature's most widespread but beautiful wonders. The youngest listener will be entertained as well as informed by this audiobook.

i love you to the moon and back

I Love You to The Moon and Back

When the sun rises, a bear and his cub begin their day together. They splash in the water, climb mountains, gaze at the dazzling sky, and play with their buddies. They express their affection for one another by touching noses, chasing each other, and, of course, cuddling before night. This heartwarming book has a nice, soothing rhyme that makes it a wonderful present for sharing with a special small child, as well as a "To" and "From" personalization space on the front. Every minute of the day, show a youngster how powerful your love is! This dessert comes with a "To" and "From" personalized page, making it an excellent present for baby showers, birthdays, kindergarten days, and new parents.

the wonderful thing you will be

The Wonderful Thing You Will Be

This lovely picture book is told from the perspective of a parent who wants to keep track of their child's progress. The parent is curious about their child's personality and interests. Finally, the child's future is filled with endless possibilities. This is a fantastic book for any parent with a young child! The Wonderful Things You'll Be is a gentle bedtime read. The great message of the story is that a child can be anything they choose to be. Because they have no expectations to cling to, a child's future is a blank canvas ready to be created! In the second person singular, the book stresses your uniqueness and the excellent things you bring to the world.


Johnny The Walrus

Johnny is a really imaginative young man. Don't be surprised if you see him dressed as a dinosaur, walrus, or knight one day.I believe everyone is perplexed. We're curious whether Johnny will be able to find his own identity in this atmosphere.Johnny is a creative young child who dresses up as a walrus and has spoons for teeth in the novel. When the "internet people" discover Johnny's preference for becoming a walrus, he is forced to choose between being a man and a walrus and is not permitted to modify his decision. This implies that Johnny's hands and feet should be transformed into fins. As of June 2022, Amazon had sold approximately 100,000 copies of Johnny the Walrus.

brown bear

Brown Bear ,Brown Bear ,What Do You See?

What do you see, Brown Bear, Brown Bear? Jr. Bill Martin Martin has written more than 300 children's books. Martin constructs a recurring rhythm throughout the novel before beginning to write it. The narrator of the story asks various animals and humans what they have witnessed. Their response is an observation of another animal or person, prompting the initial inquiry again: "What Do You See?" This procedure results in a rhythmic pattern that runs throughout the book. The 1984 edition begins with a Brown Bear, then a Red Bird, a Yellow Duck, a Blue Horse, a Green Frog, a Purple Cat, a White Dog, a Black Sheep, a Goldfish, a schoolteacher, and lastly the children.


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

The book begins with the letter A stating "meet at the top of the coconut tree" and the letter B saying "meet at the top of the coconut tree." The letters begin to climb the coconut tree in alphabetical sequence, but as more letters ascend, the tree begins to bow until all of the letters fall, "Chicka chicka... BOOM! BOOM!" This is an intriguing and unique narrative that will help preschoolers develop their reading and writing skills.

When we reflect on our childhood, we should constantly remember to have fun and leave nice memories behind. We bring funny books for the kindergartners from the White Rain Book House to encourage our children to make nice memories, learn while having fun, and enjoy going to kindergarten with funny children’s books.

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