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This Series Contains All Of The Feelings That A Young Girl Craves

This Series Contains All Of The Feelings That A Young Girl Craves

This Series Contains All Of The Feelings That A Young Girl Craves

You're in your prime years; perhaps you've discovered the love of your life; perhaps you're planning an exciting summer vacation with your buddies; or perhaps you just need someone to talk to before bed. Books might be a teen girl's best friend because they don't criticize or insult her while distracting her from her daily troubles. White Rain Book House has created a list of all the must-read youth books published in the styles of fantasy, adventure, love, friendship, and science fiction.


Signa was orphaned as a baby and raised by guards who sought to take advantage of her money. She lives in Thorn Grove with her remaining relatives in a drab and frightening house. Rumors circulated that her mother had been poisoned to death. Signa recognizes her family is in great danger and must confront the death that has made her life a living hell.

I Kissed Shara Wheeler

If violating the rules, being messy, and finding love is what your youthful soul craves, I Kissed Shara Wheeler is the tale for you. Chloe Green attends Willowgrove Christian Academy, but she despises her gossipy peers, and the only thing keeping her there is winning first place by eliminating her rivals, which will be difficult.

Girl in Pieces

You observe girls who seem to have it easy. You notice girls that succeed due to their brains. Girls who survive because they are strong or athletic stand out. Charlotte Davis, despite her age, has had a traumatic life. Following her father's death, she is subjected to her mother's abuse and brutality, and her best friend's suicide attempt absolutely destroys her. Charlotte wonders if she had to be a shattered girl to deal with all of this sorrow and suffering. He keeps suffering, even if it makes him more numb. So, do these agonies have to be endured in order to return from the brink of the abyss?

Violet Made of Thorns

Violet is a false prophet who predicts events in the future. Violet even influences the royal court with her prophesies; at the king's request, Violet spells a horrible curse; this curse will only end with the curse or salvation of the country she. She must break the curse in order to save herself and the kingdom.


Merida is famed not only for her beautiful long red hair that shines brightly, but also for her fierce and warrior character. Merida yearns for adventure, meaning, a challenge, and perhaps even love one day. But she only has a year to save all she cares about. Is she brave enough to sacrifice herself in order to save her loved ones?

Good Girl, Bad Blood: The Sequel to a Good Girl's Guide to Murder

Good Girl, Bad Blood is a best-selling novel that has sold over one million copies. This engrossing true crime murder handbook for decent girls reveals dark secrets. Pip is no longer a private investigator. He co-hosted a true crime podcast with Ravi Singh about the murder case they investigated together last year. The podcast became viral, but Pip insists his days as an investigator are over. Jamie Reynolds has vanished, and the police are powerless to intervene. Along the journey, Pip will expose many of his town's dark secrets, but can he find her before it's too late?

The Summer I Turned Pretty

The summer we've been waiting for has arrived; this summer will be significant for Belly because of events that will be remembered for the rest of her life. It's a place separate from the beach house, Susannah, and, most importantly, Jeremiah and Conrad. Belly has known these men since her first summer; they are her brother figures, the people she fell in love with, and everything in between. But one summer, a terrible and amazing summer, the more things change, the more it finishes the way it should have from the start.

Girl On Fire

Lolo Wright assumed he was just an ordinary fourteen-year-old boy dealing with regular family drama when his parents divorced.Lolo does not want Skin to exploit her to damage the people and neighborhood she cares about. But standing up for what's right will require a new kind of bravery, especially as Lolo's mother abruptly turns and throws Lolo's entire life upside down. Girl On Fire is a young adult comic about a burning girl. Brittney Williams illustrated Alicia Keys' debut comic novel, which she co-wrote with Andrew Weiner.

Once Upon a Broken Heart

We are divided into two groups: those who believe in love and those who do not. Evangeline makes a pact with the charismatic but evil Prince of Hearts in order to cancel the wedding and mend her broken heart. In exchange for her assistance, she requests three kisses to be given whenever and whenever she pleases. However, the Prince of Hearts has other plans for Evangeline, plans that will either result in a happily ever after or the most beautiful catastrophe.

A Venom Dark and Sweet

Dàxi's realm has been invaded by a dreadful evil. With his ascent to the dragon throne, the Exiled Prince returns to reclaim control, helped by the mass poisonings that have linked the people together in dread and suspicion. He went into exile with Princess Zhen, a youthful but strong shénnóng-shi. Ruyi, the princess's trusty bodyguard, and Ning's freshly recovered sister, Shu, join them. The four young ladies journey around the kingdom looking for friends to help them overthrow the invaders and recover Zhen's rightful crown.

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