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How Should a Good Leader Be?

by WRBH Editors 30 Apr 2023


How Should a Good Leader Be?

When we look at how to be a good leader, we see that leaders are also aware of their own potential. They know their abilities and they are also knowledgeable enough in this field. In this way, they can gather people for the same purpose in the face of possible situations and lead them on how to behave. Since the question of how to be a leader has always puzzled people, we have brought together the best books on leadership and communication at the White Rain Book House.

21 irrefutable law

1.The 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership (25th Anniversary Edition): Follow Them And People Will Follow You

For the first time ever, read one of the best-selling books on leadership and management of all time by John Maxwell himself.With the publication of a revised and enhanced 25th anniversary edition, HarperCollins and John C. Maxwell commemorate the significant anniversary of Maxwell's New York Times bestseller, The 21 Reredable Laws of Leadership. Maxwell will be listening to the complete unabridged audiobook for the first time. Maxwell's insights into each law and how they impact his life as a leader and mentor are exclusive to this audio edition. There will also be tales of how some of today's most powerful leaders, such as businessman and co-founder of IT Cosmetics Jamie Kern Lima, CEO of Maxwell Leadership Mark Cole, and author and marketing specialist Jeff Henderson, used these rules to achieve their own success.For the next generation of leaders, Maxwell updated this book word for word. He updated these timeless laws with fresh perspectives and took into account the knowledge gained in the 25 years since he first published the book. It also included some intriguing new tales that used the law in the context of contemporary business.

leaders eat last

2.Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together And Others Don't

Imagine a society in which almost everyone wakes up motivated to work, feels respected and trusted throughout the day, and goes home happy. This is not a bizarre or unrealistic notion. Great leaders today build cultures where people naturally work together to do remarkable things in many successful firms.Simon Sinek has discovered through his work with businesses around the world that some teams have such a high level of confidence in one another that they are willing to lose their lives for one another. Other teams are destined for internal conflict, dissolution, and failure regardless of the incentives provided. In order to illustrate his points, Sinek uses fascinating true tales from the military to major enterprises, from the government to investment banking.

trust and inspire

3.Trust And Inspire: How Truly Great Leaders Unleash Greatness In Others

We are currently going through a leadership crisis because, despite the fact that our world has changed significantly, our leadership style has not. Today, the majority of groups, teams, schools, and families work according to a "command and control" model that emphasizes cohesion among individuals and hierarchies. However, this leadership approach is basically out of date because of how quickly the world, the workforce, the job itself, and our options regarding where and how we work and live.Understanding trust in leadership and organizations has become Stephen M.R. Covey's life's work. In his most revolutionary book to date, Trust and Inspire, he provides a straightforward yet audacious solution for anyone looking for books on leadership and influence: moving away from the "command and control" style and toward "confidence and inspiration." change to a leadership stance. People like to be directed rather than lead. A new leadership approach called Trust and Inspire is based on the idea that people are capable of being creative, collaborative, and full of potential.

the dichotomy

4.The Dichotomy Of Leadership: Balancing The Challenges Of Extreme Ownership To Lead And Win

Every leader needs to be prepared and willing to accept responsibility for making crucial decisions that will benefit the team and purpose. That one also needs to be a good follower in order to be a good leader is considerably more challenging to comprehend. A leadership dilemma, that's what it is.The authors of The Dichotomy of Leadership now discuss the power of balancing two seemingly incompatible trends and the narrow line that leaders must tread in this book. A leader can operate most efficiently, complete the task at hand, and lead their team to victory, the ultimate objective of any leader and team.Willink and Babin demonstrate how seemingly incompatible ideas are used to lead and follow, focus and separate, and be both aggressive using examples from their experiences in warfare and training with SEAL Teams. They then demonstrate how each lesson applies to work and life. Many of the ideas in Extreme Ownership have these dualities built into them, which is essential for their appropriate application and efficiency. Any leader who wants to take charge and succeed must be able to listen to dilemmas.It is a successful example that stands out from the leadership books for beginners.

she thinks like a boss

5.She Thinks Like A Boss: Leadership

Learn how to lead effectively as a woman even if you lack confidence, shyness, or a desire to avoid conflict at all costs. Perhaps you're sick of returning home enraged from a meeting when you didn't raise your voice, or perhaps you feel like no matter what you do, people are picking on you. You're aware that it must be. You're correct, too. But don't fear, assistance is nearby. The advice in this book, which is among those on management and leadership, is simple to apply to everyday life. It's now more crucial than ever to acquire the skills necessary to be an effective leader and to start demanding what you deserve in a world that is overwhelmingly ruled by men is crucial.Even if you're on your own road, there are crucial measures you can take to live the life you want and motivate other businesswomen.

start with why

6.Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action

Learn about one of the top books on leadership and communication that has inspired one of the most well-known TED Talks of all time, with more than 56 million views to date, and captured the attention of millions on TikTok. Simon Sinek launched a movement that inspired millions of people to seek a purpose at work and to ask why their organization more than ten years ago. Since then, his ideas have had a profound impact on millions of individuals, and they continue to be relevant today. Although Steve Jobs, the Wright Brothers, and Martin Luther King Jr. had few things in common, they all began with why. They understood that until people could understand a product, service, action, or idea, they wouldn't truly believe it.Start with Why demonstrates that the leaders who have the most influence on the globe share a common way of thinking, doing, and communicating. This strong concept, which Sinek refers to as the Golden Circle, offers a foundation on which organizations can be established, movements can be controlled, and individuals can be motivated. And the why is where it all begins.

leadership strategy

7.Leadership Strategy And Tactics: Field Manual

The definitive leadership handbook from the author of Extreme Ownership, a New York Times bestseller. To assist soldiers in completing their task, the military uses field manuals that offer instructions in plain, understandable, step-by-step English. Books provide instruction on a variety of topics for the general public, including how to fix a broken faucet, create a successful workout regimen, and prepare a tasty steak. How do you deliver constructive feedback in a gracious manner up the line of command? All of these concerns leadership, the most difficult task of all.Additionally, while books like The Dichotomy of Leadership and Extreme Ownership offer sound leadership ideas, there is no leadership space manual that offers a straightforward, situation-specific how-to manual that anyone can make immediately available. Leadership Plan and Tactics explains how to quickly translate leadership theory into an executable strategy before putting leadership into practice at the tactical level.

8.The Power Of Positive Leadership: How And Why Positive Leaders Transform Teams And Organizations And Change The World

A good way to lead is not the only reason to be a positive person. This is the method to lead if you want to create a wonderful organizational culture, bring your team together in the face of obstacles, create a devoted team, and achieve excellence and exceptional results.

Jon Gordon has worked and consulted with leaders who have revolutionized their businesses, organizations, and educational institutions, won national championships, and are now changing the globe since publishing the wildly successful Energy Bus. Additionally, he conducted interviews with some of the most influential people of our day and investigated the careers of many inspiring figures throughout history. In this groundbreaking book, Jon Gordon offers a thorough framework on positive leadership that is replete with tried-and-true concepts, interesting stories, and practical advice.There is a power associated with positive leadership and you can start benefiting yourself and your team with it today. A great alternative for aspiring leaders looking for books on leadership and influence.


9.Leadership: Six Studies In World Strategy 

Henry Kissinger, a distinguished statesman and diplomat, analyzes the tactics of six historical leaders and develops a unified philosophy of leadership and diplomacy. Henry Kissinger asserts that leaders "think and act at the intersection of two axes: first, between the past and the future; second, between the enduring ideals and aspirations of those they lead" in this fascinating book. Their intuition about the future, which is speculative and uncertain in nature, must be balanced with what they have learnt from the past. Leaders are able to set objectives and create a plan of action because they have an intuitive sense of direction.In Leadership, Kissinger examines the lives of six exceptional leaders using the peculiar tactics that he feels state governments embody. As a participant in numerous historical perceptions, public experiences, and events that he understands and recounts about each of the subjects, Kissinger adds personal knowledge to each of these writings. Insights and assessments that only Kissinger can offer strengthen leadership, and the book ends with comments on the global order and the necessity of leadership in the modern world.

How should a good leader be? How to gain leadership quality later? What was the approach of important leaders?The best books on leadership and communication, where all your questions will be answered, come to your home through the White Rain Book House.

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